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From: "Edith Gomez" <>
Subject: Re: Genealogy - what and where is it?
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2003 14:14:00 GMT
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Well Sean, I see you had a proper education. I think you need to learn how
to spell or make corrections before posting. That should be MISUNDERSTANDER
and you had misuderstander. Besides after looking in the dictionary I find
no such word. I feel you should have used misunderstood. You see I do try
to keep my information on the straight path.

Yes, I do pay to get some information but I am not able to travel and I
refuse to pay by the hour for information that I wouldn't be able to obtain
otherwise. My problem with some research is in asking civil questions and
getting no real answer or at least a place to research it for myself that
doesn't cost an arm, leg or my first born to obtain. Everything doesn't
have to involve MONEY unless you want to take people for a ride [shamming
them as it were]. I have seen and read a lot about people that do the
research only to find out they didn't get it accurate.

This is in answer to previous postings as well.


"Sean MacLochlainn" <> wrote in message
> Jimmy.john wrote:
> > To the person not wanting to receive Dennis Ahern's postings,
> > just go and make a "message rule" that says "when the from:
> > line has people in it , enter "Dennis Ahern" in it in place of
> > people
> > and then select "delete it from the server without downloading".
> > Save it .
> > This will stop any further interruption of your day by Dennis
> > and allow all the others to read his postings without
> > complaints from you.
> > Postings are of a general nature and can't accommodate
> > everyone's tastes, so you need to learn the art of filtering
> > within your mail reader....most have ability to filter.
> > If you are using MS Outlook Express and need to know
> > how to do "filtering" just ask nicely and I will assist you where
> > I can.
> Yet another misuderstander for whom 'evaluation of sources' is just two
> words and one little one. Thanks but no thanks.
> Sean

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