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From: "Cathy Joynt Labath" <>
Subject: !! Ballina Chronicle, May 2, 1849
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 13:31:58 -0600

Wednesday, May 2, 1849

Every fiftieth person in the kingdom is a drunkard; one in every 280 is
a prisoner; and one in every 700 inhabits a lunatic asylum.
From the 26th Feb. to the 13th March there arrived in New York about
6,394 emigrants. The deaths on the passage out amounted to 75 in all.
At the Cork Assizes, Baron Richards said he would stop the salaries of
high constables who had not summoned jurors of the proper class. Many were
obliged to attend as jurors who were not able to pay their expenses from the
REMARKABLE LONGEVITY IN HORSES- Francis Mulcahy, Esq. of Neddins House,
has now in his possession four horses whose united ages amount to over a
hundred years and all of which he works and drives daily.--Tipperary Free
THE RATE IN AID.- The farmers who attended our markets to-day make no
secret of stating that, in their opinion, the safe working of he general
poor law will be hazarded by any endeavour to enforce the rate in aid-that
is, should the iniquitous measure pass the Upper House. Like Corbett, on a
former occasion, when the Commons "ran riot," they thank Providence that
there is a House of Lords.- Newry Telegraph
It has been arranged by the mortgagees of Mr. Bell Martin's Connemara
estate, that the entire property shall be submitted for sale by public
auction, in London, the first week in July; and whatever portions remain
unsold, will be put up to competition during the successive weeks at
Liverpool, Glasgow and Dublin.
Mr. Errington, of Kingstown, sent Archbishop Mac Hale £500 last week
for the relief of the poor of his diocese.
Michael Monahan, Esq., the father of the Attorney-General for Ireland,
died last week at Galway of cholera.
THE CONSTABULARY- Constable Campion of the Moystown station, King's
County, has been promoted to the rank of Head Constable, vice Johnston,
retired on pension.
The outfit of eighteen female emigrants for Australia sent out by the
guardians, cost the union of Dungarvan £100.
A fiat of bankruptcy was opened in the Newcastle District Court last
week against Mr. Cuthbert Rippan, formerly M.P. for Gateshead,and of
Stanhope Castle. He was described as a lime-burner!
Mr. Martin's herd at Tullyra, county Galway, caught a woman of the name
of Donohoe killing a lamb on Thursday, and he locked the offender up in a
stable while he went for the police, but when they arrived the unfortunate
woman had hung herself with her apron! Mr. Martin having heard of the
occurrence, turned off the herd.
Colonel Chatterton, K.H., Grand Inspector General was entertained at
dinner, on the 24th inst., by the members of the High Masonic Order of
Princes Grand Rose Croix, No. 1, Cork, at the Rooms, Tuckey-st.

Cathy Joynt Labath
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