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From: "Is Mise Gan Ainm" <>
Subject: Re: What is the meaning of the term "Scot-Irish"
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 01:00:12 GMT
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Speaking for myself, I pay no heed, at all to American
Dictionaries of the [American]/English language.

Is Mise Phdraig
[An t'Sean-Gabhar ;-)]

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"Bob, remove cap to reply" <> wrote
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> <follow-up snipped to post to only 5 groups!>
> On Sun, 09 Mar 2003 "Is Mise Gan Ainm"
<> wrote:
> >Well, Just check the Concise Oxford English Dictionary
> >[9th.Ed] to read:
> >" Scotch, adj &n. adj,var. of Scottish or Scots. n. 1
> >of Scottish or Scots. 2. Scotch whisky. [contraction of
> >Scottish]"
> >So, it is an acceptable variation for Scottish people or
> >Scottish whisky.
> Hmm, if you ever meet my mother-in-law I suggest it would
not be acceptable
> to refer to her as "Scotch" within her earshot!
> American Heritage dictionary (2nd edition):
> "Usage: Scotsman, Scot and Scotchman...
> Scotchman and Scotch are sometimes considered mildly
> Scottish & Scots are generally preferred to Scotch in
Scotland for general
> usage. But each has become an established form in certain
well known
> combinations, such as Scotch broth, Scotch whisky,
Scottish rite, Scots
> guards."
> There is a separate entry for Scotch-Irish... "esp those
who emigrated to
> America"
> [It is perhaps not surprising that one of the alternative
forms was
> employed considering it seems to have developed in the US
> generations after the initial immigration, and before the
current usage.
> As someone else has mentioned, Ulsterman would probably be
the term used
> nowadays on the eastern side of the pond - but only once
you had carefully
> established the preference of the subject.]
> Bob
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