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From: "Jane Lyons" <>
Subject: 1832 Military indices............
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 01:41:22 -0000

On the shelves in the National Archives of Ireland are some indices -
books - and these books are indexed in a number of ways - the general title
is 'Index of Official Papers' (I think - have to check). For most of the
years, they have this title - but then for some of the years, there are
Military or other indices with information separated from the general run of
the mill official index for that year.

From time to time, when waiting for a film to be brought up to me, I've
taken a look at these index books, and I've often thought that they should
be brought to the attention of others. Now, a lot of the original material
no longer exists - to find out what does or doesn't, it is necessary to
request the reference from the desk - some indices do list those records
that are no longer in existence. I don't know if these indices or any of the
originals have been filmed by the LDS or not........maybe someone else can
tell me. What I do know, is that I have found the indices to be
interesting - both from the genealogical and historical points of view.
There is information in these as to the movements of various regiments - the
simple fact of groups being overcome by cholera or some such gives us an
idea of the times that diseases were present in certain places or all of
Ireland. There are references to marriage records in here - requests from
people for the effects of some other person, indicating relationships.

All the indices are indexed alphabetically - in the general indices then
there may be a cross reference back to another letter of the alphabet in
order to find the reference number.

While I have thought to request some references in this list - I have not
done so. The reference for any document is the number - please be aware
though, that while I have created this index as I waited for films to be
brought to me - it is unfinished and has not been checked against the
original. As it stands, it simply gives you the researcher an idea of a
resource that is not mentioned or rarely mentioned in lists of Irish
genealogical resources.


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