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From: "Sorted magAZine" <>
Subject: Re: What is the meaning of the term "Scot-Irish"
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 13:16:57 -0000
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On something of a tangent here, I was discussing the term Scots-Gallic with a
Scot and we had a disagreement about the pronunciation. In general in my
experience, it's pronounced Scots Gahlic, similar to the word for the French,
in Ireland, while he said it's pronounced Gaylic in Scotland, the same as the
anglicisation of Gaeilge. My theory is that this shows two different terms in
the original languages, Scots Gallic in Ireland is derived from Gall, as in
outsider (meaning people who didn't live in Ireland), while in Scotland it's
derived from Gaidhlig, their own term for their language, and the two were
anglacised with the same spelling. Further back, I'd guess that they all
(Gael, Gall, Gaul, Gaidhil) have the same original Celtic root. Any comments?


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