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From: "rjhenders" <>
Subject: Re: Dear Sean -
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 17:30:41 -0000
References: <001d01c2e120$e402ff80$f18491c2@computer>

Hi Jane

I think all "posters" on this site are a valuable aid to the amateur
genealogist (which most of us are!). Please don't give up what you
obviously find interesting yourself because of what is claimed by so-called
"specialists" in the field. Your posts are read with great interest by very
many of us that are not so vociferous.

There is no doubt that every "social group" that is formed truly reflects
the world of humans. The majority carrying on with their daily work, the
middle group trying to make a difference and the "top dogs" (who really know
very little) trying to lord it over all............

Keep up the good work.


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