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From: "Cathy Joynt Labath" <>
Subject: !! Ballina Chronicle; May 9, 1849
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 19:11:14 -0600

Wednesday, May 9, 1849

TUESDAY, MAY 8, 1849.
The Magistrates presiding were-Edward Howley, Esq., Chairman, Wm.
Malley, Esq., and John F. Knox, Esq. Captain Hamilton, Poor Law Inspector,
remained on the bench during the entire proceedings.
Several persons were summoned for deserting the Workhouse without
permission from the Master, and taking with them clothes belonging to the
Union. Some of them were allowed to return to the Workhouse, and the rest
were sentenced- some to 24 hour confinement in the bridewell, and others to
fourteen days imprisonment in the gaol, with hard labour.
One man was sentenced to fourteen days imprisonment with hard labour,
for breaking a window and taking off some bread. He alleged he did this
through the effects of hunger, but it was shown he made a habit of thus
getting his bread.
Orders were obtained for removing the nuisances from about the houses
of several persons in Ardnaree who were summoned for this offence in
compliance with notices served on the Vice-Guardians to that effect.
A complaint was made against Murphy, one of the summons-servers, for
delaying the service of a summons thirteen days, and he was very properly
ordered to pay the expenses of the person who gave him the summons.
The other cases which were before the court were of a trivial nature.

The Ballinrobe correspondent of the Constitution, under date Sunday
morning last, writes:- Cholera has ceased in this unfortunate locality; but
during its stay made awful ravages, few houses having escaped the contagion.
It is wonderful "how few and far between" were the recoveries of persons
once seized with the disease. Than God, for the last day or two there has
not been a single case in town.

PETER BOURKE, Esq., has resigned the office of Sub-sheriff for Mayo,
and has been replaced by WM. KEARNEY, Esq. of Ballinvilla.

DESECRATION OF THE SABBATH- It is disgraceful in a professedly
Christian country to see men and women carrying about and exposing for sale
fish, vegetables, and other articles of merchandize on the Sabbath day, as
is the custom in Ballina. In the principal thoroughfares, and even while
Divine Service is being celebrated, the passer-by is invited to make
purchases. Are the people so distitute of the common decencies of morality
as to encourage so obnoxious a practice? If the authorities have any
jurisdiction in the matter, perhaps they would take this hint.

Cathy Joynt Labath
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