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From: "Alan O'Neill" <>
Subject: Re: "SURNAMES" - When did this practice start????
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 06:29:35 -0500
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excuse me as I have been away.

I understood that the use of Ua (O) specifically as a "last name" had not
been used before this time.
It had been used to describe a Clan or a single person but the norm was to
use Mac (Mc came much later to save ink and colour a people).
As it was not normal, never been done before, and as this was the time in
which surnames were being adopted by families in Ireland (as it was the
fashion on the continent at the time), Dom's use of the Ua was specifically
as a surname. He qualified it by taking it as his surname rather than
Mac.The adoption of it by his children before his death kept it alive in his

thank you.

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