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Subject: Re: "SURNAMES" - When did this practice start????
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 14:53:26 -0500 (EST)
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Good Day:
To my Peers and Associates. A contributor to this Group has
insinuated that I had resorted to fabrication by mentioning that Mac
came from a Danish term signifying "Son"
This information was imparted to me by Friends of yesterday, who
Danish-American (May God Rest Their Souls)
Stange as it seems, or perhaps coincidently
Theirdaughter, was preparing for marraige to another Danish=American,
Whose Surname happened to be Mack ( a further deviation from the
original) Anglisized version.
We at times would meet at an Irish-Ameican Emporium.
I intend no disrespect to my departed friends when I utilize a
euphemism, "it came from the horses mouth"
Back to my accuser, I do not resort to prevarication or
exageration, but I do resent insult.
At one time, your statement toward me, would call for the field of
honor. However, Duels are out of style and no longer legal.
In finally, My Accuser, Your Surname is held in esteem in my Clan
and Our Associated Clans. Do not cloud Your predecessors memories by
being a pompous ass or chastizing those who seek communion.
The apple doesn't f fall to far from the tree.
God Bless Cousin. Sean Mac Suine

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