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From: "roy french" <>
Subject: Re: What's Happened to Genealogy
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 17:43:49 -0500
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From: "Sean MacLochlainn"

> Is Mise Gan Ainm wrote:
> > What's happened to the Newsgroup soc.genealogy.ireland?.

> > it's become a cluttered debating society with
> > 'nickety-pickety' attitudes.How does one get back to just
> > soc.genealogy.ireland?
> No mirrors, it's just real usenet trampling its way through our little
> backwater by way of crossposts. Set your killfile to ignore all
> posts and tranquility will return.
> I wonder what the fragile Genire listers are making of it, poor wee
> Sean

This poor wee fragile shite lister is now convinced that you are little more
than a bombastic thunderous fart.

A return to tranquility, or the aims as initially envisioned for this list,
would be anathema to a dedicated, arrogant cynic, whose transparent claim to
fame is to become known as a controversial disruptive influence, with little
or no moral consience or justification.

Why don't you just quietly unsubscribe and fade away onto some list such as
"egotists anonymous" where you could flail away to your heart's content,
knowing the responses would be equally odorous.

This is probably just the kind of response you elicited and thrive upon and
I can only envision the self satisfied sneering grimace as you peer into the
mirror of "real usenet" - Ha-Ha, I got them again!


Mississauga - Canada

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