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From: "Jane Lyons" <>
Subject: Genealogy and lists.........
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 23:28:56 -0000

Rootsweb has at least one mail list for each county - with people
specifically interested in ancestors from that county - I say one list of
each county - but take Laois or Queens county as an example and it has a
Laois mail list and then the Leix mail list that I am admin on - then there
is Donegaleire and the IRL-Donegal list..........for Antrim you have
IRL-ANTRIM and then NIR-ANTRIM............

All of these county lists - well, some are very busy - the Tyrone one used
to lead the lot - Tipperary has quietened down considerably, not so many
posts per day.......usually for most lists, except when someone makes a look
up offer there are about 10 mails to the list per day - that's on a busy
enough list - and only the county specific lists. Some of the lists are set
so that all the posts to the message board associated with that list on
rootsweb also goes to the list as emails...........some of the lists are set
so that all mail goes to the list - and then the majority are set so that
when you click the reply icon on your browser window then that reply only
goes to the person who wrote that mail and not the list - if you want your
reply to go to the list you have to click the 'Reply all'
icon...........lists with a reply all setting are the quietest.

All lists have an administrator - that admin can be strict and only allow
*genealogy* posts to go to that list or can be more lenient - usually admins
don't like any posts relating to viruses - that's the biggest No, no that I
can see on these lists.

Sometimes - rarely - some kind of flame war will break out on a list - and
then usually the list admin will step in and the list settles down again.
Some list admins will unsub a person immediately the minute they step out of
line - the lines are set by the individual list administrators - some ladies
call themselves 'List Mom's' and then the men don't tend to go for the Pop
title - but they can rule their own list with just as heavy a hand or hard
rules as the women............

Lots of mail can pass through any list when someone makes a look up offer or
when the list is running a 'Roll Call' - that is all who have an interest in
any surname from that county are asked to post the information they have -
or, Christmas, Easter, St. Patricks Day - someone announcing that they are
going on holidays to Ireland - going to live in Ireland - they are the kind
of things that will cause a flurry of posts to any list........but they last
a day or two - a week at most and then the list quietens down again.

Anyway - I just thought I'd mention the other rootsweb lists - I remember
when I first took up genealogy, I found the soc.gen.irl newsgroup and all
that goes with it, and then John Caughey mentioned his list and it was
different. Somewhere else along the line I learned that when I made a post
to soc.gen.irl I was also making a post to the GENIRE list........

So, for those who receive this through GENIRE - I am posting to GENIRE
because I subscribe to that list, but this mail is more intended for those
who don't know about rootsweb mail lists - and there are also lists for
specific areas in some counties e.g. Woodford in thing
though, if you are interested in Fermanagh......well, I remember that I
could not find the subscription info for the Fermanagh list on the Rootsweb
Irish county lists, so if you are interested in subscribing to that list
then send an email to with nothing in the
subject line and subscribe in the body of the mail - nothing else.

All these lists have digest forms as well - when you sub to that then you
get all the mails that are sent to that list in one email..... List
Administrators set the list so that the digest is sent out once every 24 or
26 hours - maybe 12 depending on how busy the list is - but, usually 24

To find any of these lists go to and scroll down the Home
page - newsgroups and how to sub to them should be on the left hand side of
your screen somewhere.


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