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From: "Is Mise Gan Ainm" <>
Subject: Re: What is the meaning of the term "Scot-Irish"
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 01:57:57 GMT
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"Allan Connochie" <> wrote in
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> "Is Mise Gan Ainm" <> wrote in
> > Well, Just check the Concise Oxford English Dictionary
> > [9th.Ed] to read:
> >
> > " Scotch, adj &n. adj,var. of Scottish or Scots. n. 1
> > of Scottish or Scots. 2. Scotch whisky. [contraction of
> > Scottish]"
> >
> > So, it is an acceptable variation for Scottish people or
> > Scottish whisky.
> Acceptable to whom though? surely that is the point?
What you left > out was the following paragraph explaining
usage. [ie Scotch is >generally regarded as offensive by
Scottish people].

To the readers, presumably, of the 9th Edition of the
Concise Oxford Dictionary, which I quoted in full without
expnanatory omission of anykind, except the funny
hieorglphicuse to help pronunciatiation, as it is not on my

I read to-day in another reply to this that it is only the
so-called middle classes in Scotland, from now on I shall
avoid the anglicisation, Scot, Scottish and Scothmen refer
to all of them as Albanachs, which is their gaelic name. Is
that OK?

Is Mise Gan Ainm

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