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From: "Cathy Joynt Labath" <>
Subject: !! Connaught Journal; Oct 29, 1840
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 17:52:17 -0600


We feel great pleasure in announcing the arrival of Mr. Nelson, the
celebrated optician. He, since his last visit to Galway, has obtained a
medal from the Royal Dublin Society, at the exhibition of Irish
manufacturers, for the beauty, excellence, and correctness of his lenses and
mirrors. An opportunity is now afforded to those who may wish to suit
themselves in lenses, mirrors, and other optical apparatus, as he has a
splendid assortment of each ready for inspection at Kilroy's room; his stay
in Galway is limited to a few days.

The Depot of the 67th regiment at present quartered in this town, under
the command of Major Orange, was inspected this day at Eyre-square, by
General Sir W.P. Carroll, who after putting them through their various
evolutions, and minutely inspecting the internal arrangements and economy of
the corps, expressed himself highly gratified with their soldier-like
appearance and military tactics. The urbanity and gentlemanly demeanour of
Major Orange and the officers of his regiment, and the orderly appearance
and conduct of the men since their arrival in Galway, has acquired for them
the esteem and respect of the inhabitants, and has also called forth the
marked approbation of the brave and gallant officer who reviewed to-day this
distinguished corps.
General Sir W.P. Carroll, stopt at Nolan's hotel, and expressed himself
to the proprietor much pleased with the attention, comfort, and
accommodation he received.

John Kirwan, Esq., Castleknacket, presided over a meeting of the Town
Poor Law Guardians, when the death of George Blake, Esq., Devon, one of the
Guardians of the Liskeavy electorial division was was reported. It was
resolved, that no person should be appointed to vaccinate within the Union,
who had not acquired the degree of Medical Doctor, Surgeon, or Apothecary.
The next resolution was, that the medical men should make an affirmation
before the Guardians, of the number of persons successfully vaccinating for
them. Doctors Turner, Prendergast, and French were called in, and the
proposition of giving six pence per head for those successfully being made
to them they refused taking it, and offered to act gratuitously, sooner than
accept such a sum. In order to mend the matter, it was proposed that the
medical man get £20 provided he vaccinated 800 persons, and 6l per head for
everyone under the number. The other four medical practitioners at £15
subject to the reduction which was agreed to. The gentlemen appointed for
the Union were Dr. Turner for Tuam; Dr. Prendergast for Dunsmote; Dr.
Hartnet for Headford; Dr. Blake, Milltown, and Dr. French, Monivea.

Cathy Joynt Labath
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