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From: "Fran Higham" <>
Subject: Re: What's Happened to Genealogy
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 11:00:01 +1100
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""roy french"" <> wrote in message

> From: "Sean MacLochlainn"
> > Is Mise Gan Ainm wrote:
> > > What's happened to the Newsgroup soc.genealogy.ireland?.

> > > (snip) How does one get back to just
> > > soc.genealogy.ireland?

(snip of Sean's comment)

> This poor wee fragile shite lister is now convinced that you are little
> than a bombastic thunderous fart.
> A return to tranquility, or the aims as initially envisioned for this
> would be anathema to a dedicated, arrogant cynic, whose transparent claim
> fame is to become known as a controversial disruptive influence, with
> or no moral consience or justification.

I'd say that to specifically target only Sean with this comment is to be far
too narrow. There are many thunderous farts and what the hell is there of
substance of "soc.gen.ire" to actually be bothered getting back to????

I cannot ever recall finding a more generally useless (in genealogical
terms) list than this one. However, it reminds me constantly of the
behaviour of my Irish ancestors. Tetchy, continually argumentative, quick
to take offense, love a stoush (regardless of any assessment of where right
or wrong may lie), don't bother being confused by facts, but stick to
partisan views, only co-operate if it's absolutely compulsory and then only
if there is something in it for one's self etc, etc.

I enjoy it enormously and only infrequently miss reading it since it keeps
me thinking of the family. But when it comes to learning about genealogy,
history, and facts of the place, such as is constantly found in buckets full
on the list, well it's a waste of time for probably 99.99% of the
time. Generally, I think that soc.gen.ire is about as helpful as tits on a
canary and thus in much need of plastic surgery.

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