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From: "Sean MacLochlainn" <>
Subject: Re: published authors opinions
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 13:16:18 -0000
References: <b4_ba.27186$>

Alan O'Neill wrote:
> If you've been following some other thread in this group you will
> realise where this is coming from.
> To all doing research in books, you should be aware that the research
> is simply the opinon of the author.
> The author may be very learned and respected in their field but that
> does not alter the fact that it is simply their opinon or
> interpertation on facts discovered by themselves or others.
> If I counted the number of times one book read differently then
> another I could probably write another book.
> Whenever smarter people than me quote from books I go into automatic
> suspect mode... and yes I even suspect my own conclusions all the
> time.
> Adopting common sense when approaching these things is all a
> reasonable person can do.
> Example: A load of Roman coins are discovered in Ireland so the
> Romans must have been in Ireland, right?
> Fact: the early Irish were pirates in their own right and probably
> brought it back as loot.

This is all irrelevant. It all boils down to credibility, you v Professor O
Cuiv. Produce some evidence for your surname thesis instead of generalised
codswallop and assertion.


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