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From: "Beacon" <>
Subject: Re: Sinne Fianna Fail - English phonetic pronunciation
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 15:19:39 -0000
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"Irish" <> wrote in message news:...
> Anyone here fluent in Irish ?
> If so, please give me some feedback on my English phonetic pronunciation
> below for the national anthem, as I want to be able to be perfect with
> it for this weekend.
> Also, if anybody has an MP3 of the singing of this beautiful anthem ,
> please pass it to me. I have the instrumental midi, but I would like to
> hear it being clearly sung.
> TIA ...
> she-na fee-na fall a-thaw fay yeol egg erin

I would writ Shin not she and I would write fee-in-na though fee-na seems
okay also
maybe "yeal" not yeol

Fil is a diphtond wghich is closer to faw ill their is no y sound As in
Dil (daw ill not doyle) and feoild (foe ill not fyeo ill)

> Sinnne Fianna Fil at f gheall ag irinn,
> veen dar slew are thin the raw negooing
> Buion dr slua thar toinn do rinig chugainn

V is when there is a "bh"
Bween would be closer "slew" can be pronounced "slew-agh" also
then "harr" rather than "are"

> vayd voig vesair shantir our shinshir fasta
> Fmhid bheith saor. Seantr r sinsir feasta

vave-ode? Fave ode? Careful with "our" since people might prounounce the
"our" in "hour". It is more like "ore" or maybe the letter "R". Tr pepole
might say "tir" but it is more like "tier"

> nee-og fur fay cheer-on naw fay troil
> N fhagfar f'n tiorn n f'n tril.

nee awg fur fayn ... trawl

> an nocht a hane saa var na vail
> Anocht a tham sa bhearna bhaoil,


> nay gown our gale come bausch no sale
> Le gean ar Ghaeil chun bis n saoil

R again the Irish should be "r" not "ar"
I say baws like boss but but others would say baw ish or bosch like you have

> la grawn ish grayick fay naw buck naw bell air
> Le guna screach f lmhach na bpilar,

Le what ?(is that the Irish?) I am sure something is wrong here?
Isnt it gunna ?i.e. guns not dress gna

srack fay lawv uch na beel air

> shall liv hon ick arawn naveen
> Seo libh, canadh Amhrn na bhFiann.
shul liv (live as in "liver" and "living" and not like live in "live wire
music show" conny

> the way, I have difficulty with the rhythm of the 2nd last line

I noticed

> ...
> Thanx
> Roy O'Neil

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