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From: (Dennis Ahern)
Subject: Re: Excerpts from Irish newspapers
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 15:42:47 +0000 (UTC)

THE PEERAGE--ASSUMED NAMES.--The Duke of Wellington
is not a Wellesley ; his real name is Colley ;
his grandfather, Richard Colley, assumed the name of
Wesley (now modified to Wellesley), without having a
particle of the blood of that family in him, but merely
because he succeeded to the Wesley estates, under the
will of a distant relative. The Earl of Clarendon is not a
Hyde ; his only connexion with that noble family resides
in the fact that his grandmother was the grand-daughter
of Henry Hyde, the last Earl of Clarendon of that line ;
paternally the Noble Lord is Villiers. The Duke of
Northumberland is not a Percy ; his real name is
Smithson, and his ancestor paternally was Sir Hugh
Smithson, who took the name of Percy, and received the
honours of that house under a new creation, solely
because his wife's grandmother was a Percy. The
Marquis of Normanby exhibits a still wider excursion in
search of a title, which seems ancient, but is not really
so. His Lordship has not a particle of the Mulgrave or
Normanby blood in him. His great grandmother, when
she married Mr. Wm. Phipps, was the widow of
Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham, who was also Marquis
of Normanby and Baron Mulgrave ; thus Constantine
Phipps, her son, contrived to get a re-creation of a title
belonging to his mother's first husband, whom he had
never seen, and whose descendant he was not. Lord
Stafford is not a Wentworth ; Lord Wilton is not an
Egerton, although he has assumed that name. Lord de
Tably is not a Warren, which designation he now
assumes ; nor a Leicester, which name he bore a few
years ago ; he is, in truth, the descendant, paternally, of a
certain Gregory Byrne, of the Queen's County in Ireland,
whose successors, having married two or three Cheshire
heiresses, seized upon the name of those ancient houses.
The Duke of Marlborough is not a Churchill ; his real
name is Spencer ; and he is only connected with the
great military commander by the fact that his ancestor
married the celebrated Duke's daughter. Earl Nelson is
paternally a Bolton ; his father was Thomas Bolton, and
his grandmother was the immortal Nelson's sister. The
Marquis of Anglesey is not a Paget--his father's name
was Bayly. The surname now used by Earl de Grey is
the same as his title ; a few years ago he called himself
Weddell, but his real name is Robinson.--The Topic.

--The Cork Examiner, 2 October 1846

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