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Subject: Re: Census for Belfast
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 18:27:05 GMT
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|| Wonder if any of above is online please?
|| Helen

Here' what I know about the 1901/11 censuses for Belfast.
They are not on-line, and there is not a separate return for
large cities or towns, neither is there any such thing as an
Index of Surnames.

Returns are compiled for the whole country by civil
parishes parish and their county , and that includes
counties in which cities and large towns located - this
applies particularly to Belfast, for example, which is
spread over portions of the Cos. Antrim and Down.

One needs to know the name of the street, its File Reference
number, and its DED [District Electoral Division], therefor
one must first check the Street Index to ascertain this
before proceeding. If one does not know the name of the
street, then the task of checking each street for the
name(s) of the person(s) being searched is absolutely a
gigantic task.

The Streets Index for Belfast are Vol.1 for the Co.Antrim
portion, and for the Co.Down portion - includes
other principal cities also - are on four microfiches
available at an LDS, Family History Centre. The numbers are
6035493 to 6035495 and 6036666.

The street index for Belfast has the DED /Street Reference
File preface with "A'6035493 " for Antrim and "D" for Down.

The returns of both censuses for Antrim are on films
804941-804945 ; 801733-801746 ; 807304-807319 ;
804946-804957 ; 807517-807542 ; 807899-807924 ;

The returns for Co.Down are on films numbered:
827674-827681 ; 829077-829092 ; 829972- 830000.

It seems also very important to know the names of all the
civil parishes in the city of Belfast, so that one can sort
through those film numbers and zero in on the particular
film(s) of interest.

There night be others who have done this who can give more
or better advice.

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