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From: "Is Mise Gan Ainm" <>
Subject: Re: Get army pension without death cert.??
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 18:37:56 GMT
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||| Ann Gregg () wrote:
||| I have a Irish man, a member of the Royal Munster Fus.
||| who died 1915 in great war,no death cert, but widow got
||| army pension. Can this be so??

|| In news:b4rf83$spr$,
||Dennis Ahern <> typed:

|| If he died in the war, he may not have died in Ireland.
|| Therefore, there may not necessarily be a civil record
|| of his death in Irish records. That does not mean the
|| government was unaware of his death. Presumably there
|| would be some casualty list or some other army report
|| that records his demise and therefore supports the
|| widow's claim for a pension. Perhaps such a record is
|| kept at the PRO at Kew.

If he was killed overseas in action, then the Commonwealth
War Graves Commission will have details of the event and
where he is buried, see: and type his
name into the PRO Catalogue search engine at ,under #1 his full name, under
#2 the date group, say 1914 -1918, and under number 3 type
in WO [means War Office].

Either of those ought to bring positive results.

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