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From: (Dennis Ahern)
Subject: Re: Assistance Needeed!!!!
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 13:43:41 +0000 (UTC)
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John Gilmour () wrote:

: In November of 2002 I placed a request for information in my
: Newsgroups soc.genealogy.ireland!

: At some time since Nov. 2002, it appears that the Google Groups
: added the messages from "soc.genealogy.ireland" to the
: "Google groups soc.genealogy.ireland"

: I was just surfing the google groups soc.genealogy.ireland and
: discovered that my message was still active (November, 2002)?
: I'm not able to delete this message.
: I would appreciate any advice or assistance in removing any of
: my stale-dated messages from the Google archives.

If you posted something in soc.genealogy.ireland, it is also probably in
the archive of the GENIRE-List. There's no way that I know that you can
remove any of these posts. For better or for worse, what we are writing
here becomes history. Just as I can go back and read in a microfilmed
copy of an Irish newspaper, the devotions or depravities of some otherwise
forgotten ancestor, future generations may come to such databases as
Google and GENIRE to read the rantings and research of scholars and
scoundrels. Remember the "permanent record" the nuns warned you about in
school? This is it.


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