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From: "Cathy Joynt Labath" <>
Subject: !! Connaught Journal; Oct 29, 1840
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 17:42:01 -0600


P.J. Blake, Esq., Royal Irish Fusileers, brother to the county Limerick
Inspector, is now senior lieutenant of that regiment.
Captain Gleeson, late of the Constabulary, now proprietor of the Mayo
Mercury, is selling off his establishment.
Eight hundred percussion muskets arrived at Cork for the 42nd royal
highlanders, and were delivered from the Custom-house, on Tuesday. Two
hundred stand of them are to be forwarded to the depot at Carlow.
Lieut. H. Tuckett, late 11th Hussars, was on Wednesday brought up at
Wandsworth, before the magistrates, for shooting at the Earl of Cardigan,
with intent to kill, in the late duel at Wimbledon. He was held to bail in
1000l, and two sureties of 500l each.
Dr. Johnston, 48th, is under orders to proceed to join the service
companies at Gibraltar. His removal from the depot at Youghal is very much
regretted being deservedly much liked by all, for his extreme kindness to
the sick and benevolence to the poor.
Captain R.A. Reynolds, 11th Hussars, is dismissed the service, but
strongly recommended to her Majesty's gracious consideration. Lieut. Col.
Lord Cardigan has not escaped the animadversions of the court-martial.
Major General Sir Hugh Gough reviewed the 15th Hussars at Bangalore
last July, after which the regiment marched for Madras.
Sir Hugh Gough handed over the command of the troops in Madras
presidency to Lieut. General Whittingham, who has directed the orders of his
gallant predecessor to remain in full force.
Notice was given to the Chelsea pensioners at Woolwich, that they must
attend on the 15th next month, when such men as are found able to do duty
will be embodied for home services in her Majesty's garrisons and forts.
The 97th expects to leave Limerick the first week of next month for
Two corporals and three privates of the Royal Marines were killed, and
14t severely wounded in an unsuccessful attack upon Gebail Castle, Beyrout,
on the 12th Sept. Lieut. Gifford, of the Cyclops, was severely wounded. The
Albanians evacuated the fortress next day, and it is now garrisoned by
Marines from the Hastings. Second Lieut. Adair, R.M., was slightly wounded.
The 20th regt. Col. Thomas M.P., was inspected on the 10th instant at
Dublin, when the Lieutenant-General commanding expressed his high opinion of
their soldier-like appearance, the care and exactness of their manoeuverings
the neatness of their appointments, the cleanliness and general air of
comfort to their barrack-rooms and Hospital, &c.
The Hon. Richard Cherteris, son of Lord Elchu, and grand son of the
Earl of Wemysephas entered the army at second Lieutenant in the Rifle
The Officers of the 4th Dragoons and 17th regt. gave a splendid fancy
dress ball on the anniversary of the capture of Ghuznee.
Lieut. Halkett, 4th Dragoons, has left India for Europe.
Captain Crosier, 26th Bombay Native Infantry, is appointed Brigade
Major at Poona.
Lieut. Dorehill, 3rd Ensign Elliott, 16th, and Capt. L'Estrange, 21st,
have left Calcutta for England.
Lieut. Fayrer, R.N., is dismissed from his situation of Commander of
the steam-vessel President, because he could not make his vessel perform the
voyage across the Atlantic, in as short a time as the Clyde built steamers.
Thomas C. Ponsonby, Esq. Lieutenant Royal Navy, late of Crotto house,
Kerry, is appointed to the command of the Lucifer steam frigate, on the
Irish station.
The army pensioners in Cork are this quarter made liable for the
support of their wives and children, who may be in the work-house, under the
56th section of the Poor Law Act.

Cathy Joynt Labath
Ireland Newspaper Abstracts

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