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From: "Cathy Joynt Labath" <>
Subject: !! Ballina Chronicle; May 16, 1849
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 14:21:15 -0600

Wednesday, May 16, 1849

Mr. James Fagan, M.P. for Wexford, has subscribed £100 for the relief
of the starving poor in Connaught.

James Grattan, Esq., has given £100 to the metropolitan committee for
relief of the terrible distress in Connaught.

The Duke of Devonshire has employed the poor fishermen to whitewash his
houses in Dungarvan at 5d per 40s. freehold. The Marquis of Waterford and
Sir Nugent Humble have availed themselves of pauper labour for the same
purpose.--Waterford Mail.

The May fair of Boyle was held on Wednesday last, and the result has
proved most disheartening to all classes. There was very little business
transacted, and such as sold were obliged to generally, to do so on ruinous
terms. We have heard that the prices obtained were, in many instances, below
that for which such were purchased in the early fairs. Milch cows from 4 to
£8, such as would bring this time last year from 8 to £12. The supply of
pigs was small, but a good description met ready sale.--Boyle Gazette.

CASTLEBAR FAIR-The fair of this town was held on Friday last. It was
wretchedly attended, and badly supplied with stock of an inferior quality.
Black cattle were in little demand, and milch cows were not looked for.
Sheep still maintain their prices, but all other stock were in slow demand
and at low prices--Mayo Constitution.

The small farmers appear to lose all confidence; many of them, since it
was understood that the Government will not advance towards the support of
the poor, but oblige the several Vice-Guardians to strike new rates, have
determined to dispose of the remnant of their property, and seek a home in
America.--Boyle Gazette.

There are 1,749 paupers in Boyle workhouse. The number receiving
out-door relief exceeds 7,100.

The Glanworth flour mills, the property of Robert E. Gibbons, Esq.,
were on the night of the 4th instant, burned to the ground, as is supposed
maliciously. The loss sustained amounts to £4000.

The fair of Clonroad, near Ennis, partook of the depression of
Ballinasloe. There were few buyers. Milch cows and springers were sold from
£5 to £7; yearlings 35s to 50s; sheep from 14s to 32s; pigs 42s. per cwt.

Ellen Lyons, servant to Mr. Naylor, of Annagh, was removing a double
barrel gun, the trigger accidentally came in contact with some article in
the house, and exploded, driving the contents through her body. She was
killed on the spot.

At the Ballinasloe Cattle Fair the poor rate collectors were watching
the gentlemen selling that they may be the first to have the grab.

Ennistymon union owes the contractors, J. Bannatyne & Son, £6,000 for
the supplies of provision. The same firm contracted to supply Ennis union
two months consumption of bread stuffs, nearly £4,000 and for which no
payment is yet made them.

In the Skibbereen union there are 20,000 receiving indoor and out door

WHAT ARE THE POOR TO DO?- At Ballydebod fair, county of Cork, last
week, good cows were offered for 30s each, and no buyers!- There was a man
brought a new milch cow to the fair to sell; he would not get relief while
he had her-he offered her for 30s. and could not sell her; he left to go
home, and was found dead on the road.

Such is the frightful depression of trade and business in
Carrick-on-Suir, that between 70 and 80 shops have closed this week, they
appear in mid-day as if the occupants were in bed-a complete wilderness of

A vessel to take out convicts has arrived at Kingstown; a party of the
96th is the escort.

The Ennis union is in debt to J.M.Russell and Son, of Limerick, the sum
of £9,778 for provisions.

Within the last week 62 paupers died in the workhouse of Limerick.

The Sarah sailed from the port of Sligo, on Thursday, for America,
with 68 passengers.

There are 3,407 paupers in the Workhouse of Sligo; and 6,549 on the
out-door system.

Cathy Joynt Labath
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