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From: "Cathy Joynt Labath" <>
Subject: !! Connaught Journal; Nov 4, 1840
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 14:25:20 -0600


On Saturday last, our esteemed and venerated Bishop received into the
above Convent two sisters of the order. The ladies are Miss Walsh, daughter
of Mr. James Walsh of this town, and Miss Galway--and the usual ceremonies
on such occasions were gone through with great solemnity, and created much
interest in the minds of the numerous neighbors.

Captain John Brice Blake, of the 47th regiment, son of the late Sir
John Blake, Bart. of Menlo Castle, has retired from the service.

On Sunday, the 18th instant, the new church in Roundstone, was opened
for public worship, by the Rev. Joseph Fisher, of this town.

On Tuesday, Major-General Sir W. Parker Carroll, K.C.H. arrived at
Lochcooter Castle, the seat of Lord Viscount Gort, and inspected a company
of the 36th depot, under command of Captain Adams, stationed at that town.
The Major-General expressed his high satisfaction at the very efficient
state in which he found that detachment. The Major-General was entertained
at dinner by the Noble Viscount, and a large party invited to meet him, as
also the officers of the detachment. On Saturday, Sir W. Parker Carroll
arrived at Clare Castle, where he inspected the depot 26th Regiment, under
the command of Captain De Lacy. The appearance of the men, and the high
order in which they appeared on parade, called forth the unqualified
approbation of the Major-General.

Edward Blake, Plaintiff
James Knight and others, Defendants.
From the 24th day of October, instant, for the term of Six Months,
unless previously redeemed all that and those the Dwelling House situate in
Shop-street, at the corner of Church-lane in the town of Galway, consisting
of the following apartments, viz., the apartments then and lately held by
the said James Knight; and also the apartments overhead the same lately in
the possession of George Cottingham, together with the Shop then occupied by
the said James Knight, with the keeping-places, passages, and approaches
heading to said House, and also the tenements then occupied by William Gale
and the Cellar adjoining thereto, then in the possession of John Lynch
Alexander, Esq., which last mentioned tenement and cellar, are under Mark
Kealy a house in Church lane, situate lying and being in the County of the
Town of Galway.
Galway, 24th October, 1840.
Application to be made to Edward Blake, Esq., Castlegrove, Tuam.

Cathy Joynt Labath
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