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Subject: Re: Griffith's Valuation
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 15:30:43 -0800

Hi Bob,

This is a copy of a post I've made before regarding this topic, It should answer all your questions. Just to warn you, it is a long post. I use the Griffith's Valuation CD Index by Broderbund all the time. You are not going to find all heads of household in the Griffith's because subtenants were not always listed but the Griffith's is the best resourse for the middle of the 1800s. It is great! Thus saying that here is the post.

Slan go foill,
Margaret (Mairead)

The Griffith's Valuation (the Primary Valuation of Ireland) was done
between 1848-1864. The government appointed Richard Griffith, a Dublin
geologist to do the survey of Ireland, thus the name Griffith's Valuation.
The purpose was to value the property for tax purpose. He started the survey
in the southern counties and worked his way north. Since no complete census
returns exists for Ireland in the 1800s (except for a small number in County
Cavan and County Derry for 1831 and 1841) the Griffith's Valuation is very
valuable to the family researcher because you can find the following

head of household
immediate lessor
type of property
area of property
valuation for the property
in some cases the name of the father

What is also nice is that you can see your ancestors neighbors .
The Griffith's Valuation is on microfilm in
Ireland as well as the Family History Centers(Church if LDS). >

The GV is organized by:

poor law union
civil parish

You need to know the poor law union your townland is in, because the civil
parish is found within the poor law union and then the townlands are listed
within the civil parish. (IreAtlas will give you this information).

An excellent website that has all the civil divisions listed for the
townlands is IreAtlas at:

PRONI has an excellent website and it explains the Griffith's Valuation and
how to use it.
PRONI (Public Records Office of Northern Ireland)


>I'm definitely no Griffith's expert but have worked quite a bit with it.
>You are correct, the CD is only an index The following is some information
>previously posted, it is rather long, but hope it answers the questions
>have. The PRONI wesbite is very helpful, it explains the Griffith's
>Valuation and what information you will find.
>The Griffith's Valuation (the Primary Valuation of Ireland) was done
>1848-1864. The government appointed Richard Griffith, a Dublin geologist
>do the survey of Ireland, thus the name Griffith's Valuation. He started
>survey in the southern counties and worked his way north.
>What you have on the CD by Broderbund is only an Index of names, counties,
>civil parishes and townlands/towns. Although the CD refers to the
>townlands/towns as "location". The Griffith's Valuation is on microfilm in
>Ireland as well as the Family History Centers(Mormon Church). This is your
>next step - to look at the microfilm.

>An excellent website that has all the civil divisions listed for the
>townlands is IreAtlas at:
>Also the Irish Times has a townland database.

Although there are many errors on the Broderbund Griffith's Valuation CD, I
>have found it to be an incredible research tool. (GBHandran wrote an
>excellent review of the Broderbund CD) As long as you realize it's
>limitations then you are okay. Some parishes are missing. Some parishes
>misspelled, for location (townland, town) they left off the name. Some
>names are misspelled i.e. there are 27 "Mc" names that are
>listed as "Nc" instead of "Mc". Also in County Offaly, Birr Civil Parish
>misspelled as Barr Parish. Another error is that for Allison, John, of
>Dunarnon, Derry County he is listed in the Civil Parish of Artrea and it
>should be listed in the Civil Parish of Magherafelt. I've just started
>tolist and save the errors I have found.
>But of the vast majority of searches I have done I have been able to
>findmany relatives.
>In some cases it might list an occupation or the name of the father. The
>name of the father is indicated in parentheses.
>You can search the CD by any of the above criteria. (i.e. name, county,
>parish etc) What has been helpful is when a name might be spelled various
>different ways, you can search by
>the civil parish or townland (location) and see all the people who had been
>living there during the time the Griffith's Valuation was taken. Also
>can enter a surname and you then see all the counties the families were
>located in during the mid 1800s.
>My most recent success was that I've been looking for my Flanagan family in
>Clonduff Civil Parish, couldn't find any Rices or Flangans listed, even on
>the Griffith's Valuation microfilm. Decided to look at A NEW GENEALOGICAL
>ATLAS OF IRELAND by Brian Mitchell - ISBN 0-8063-1152-5. It has three maps
>per county:
>1. Barony
>2. Poor Law Union
>3. Parish
>When looking at the Mitchell book realized that where my Flanagan family
>came from was on the border of Clonduff and Drumgooland Civil Parish. Next
>step was to enter Drumgooland and the Rice name into the CD. The name of
>Great Great Grandfather appeared for Drumgooland Parish in the townland of
>Magheramayo. For me this was an incredible discovery! Next I put in the
>name Flanagan for Drumgooland Parish and was gifted with the names of three
>Flanagans in Magheramayo. One of the Flanagans would have been the name of
>my Great Great Great Grandfather Peter Flanagan!
>With this information I was ready to take the next steps:
>1. Go to FHC (Family History Center-Mormon Church) and look at the actual
>Griffith's Valuation on microfilm. This showed that Edward Rice the
>I'm certain is my Great Great Grandfather, lived next door to Peter
>2. Find out the information in the Cancellation Books (Revised Annual
>List)of the Griffith's Valuation. Approximately every 10 years after the
>was done they followed up and listed if there was a change in head of
>household. It can give you some valuable information. From this list I
>found out that my
>Great Great Grandfather William Flanagan had moved in with his in-laws in
>Clonduff Parish and that was why no Flanagans were listed as a householder
>in Clonduff Parish when the GV was taken. Also learned that the post
>office the Flanagans ran was originally started by my Great Great Great
>Grandfather John
>Kelly (this information was in the Revised Annual List (Cancellation
>For some, they will not be able to find their relatives because of some
>omissions on the CD as well as some errors on the original record that was
>used to compile the information for the CD. But on the whole I would
>recommend the CD as a valuable tool, just as long as you keep in mind it
>does have limitations. I wouldn't do without the Griffith's Valuation CD.
>Sorry this post is so long.
>Slan go foill,
>Margaret (Mairead)

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From: Bob Lightburn
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Subject: Griffith's Valuation

Hello listers,

I understand that Griffith's Valuation between the years 1848-1864 can be
bought on CD-ROM from Broderbund. However, I am told that the information
on the CD-ROM may be incomplete and/or inaccurate. So, two questions. 1)
Can anyone comment on the accuracy/completeness of data on this CD-ROM? 2)
Is anyone aware of an effort to create a better version in CD-ROM format
and/or accessible on-line? TIA for any information.

Bob Lightburn
Bay Head, NJ

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