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From: "Cathy Joynt Labath" <>
Subject: !! Ballina Chronicle; May 23, 1849
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 19:05:05 -0600

Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
Wednesday, May 23, 1849

RECLAIMED LAND IN IRELAND- A return, moved for by Sir R. Ferguson,
M.P., informs the public that the total number of acres of land in the
county of Donegal, reclaimed from the date of the ordinance survey to the
date of its revision, amounts to 32, 434; the number of acres still
unreclaimed to 732,615; and the number of acres at present under cultivation
to 437,749. The number of acres of land reclaimed in the county of
Londonderry amounts to 4,203; the number of acres unreclaimed to 24, 506;
and the number of acres of land at present under cultivation to 68, 405.

It is in contemplation to make retirement compulsory on all civil
servants above sixty years of age.

Quinlin (Cnd.), late of the 84th Regt., who was sentenced to be hanged
at Clonmel for murder, is to be transported for life.

Owen Moran crept into his mother's house and died, the same day his
brother Larry was found dead in a field; same day his sister, Mrs. Whelan,
with her mother and child, found dead in a deserted forge. The two brothers,
the sister, the brother-in-law, and child all dead the same day, of
starvation, at Kilimore, county Galway.

The furniture of Bantry Union workhouse is to be sold under an

The Tipperary union owes to Messrs. Shaw and Duffield £11,000 for
Indian meal.

The Presentation Convent in Miltown is offered to the Killarney Board
for an auxiliary workhouse.

In the Fermoy workhouse 113 deaths occurred during the past week.

Four hundred and ninety paupers have died according to the Workhouse
returns on the week ending Saturday the 5th inst.

On Saturday night, the house of the widow Allen, of Gurtfadda, near
Ballingarry, was attacked by an armed party; the door broken and a quantity
of wearing apparel taken away, together with money which they found.

The average weekly cost of each pauper inmate of the Cahirciveen
workhouse is only 9d; and it was only 7d. until out-door relief was recently

Messrs. Rush, and Palmer of Galway, are declared contractors for supply
of meal to Tuam Workhouse, the consumption from 45 to 50 tons per week.

Cathy Joynt Labath
Ireland Newspaper Abstracts

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