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From: "Richard & Veronica" <>
Subject: New Starter
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 09:43:15 -0000

Hello, and please forgive my ignorance if I get things wrong, I've never
done this before.
I am trying to research my Paternal family tree but I don't have a lot of
information. My father was born in Belfast, number 11 of 13 in 1946. His
name was John Kearney and I beleive the family home was in Whiterock
Gardens(?). Having spoken to a few aunts and Uncles I know my Grandfathers
name was Joseph and my Grandmothers name was Veronica Matthews. My
grandfather had approx 4 brothers or sisters, and my grandmother also had
approx 3-5 siblings. The eldest child Mary was born in 1923 and thats as far
as I have gotten. Personally I would like to go over there and search
records and cemeterys, but that isn't possible as yet.

I am hoping that either somebody knows the family, remembers the family or
knows where I should start to look next. I think I've questioned the
remainder of my family to about their limit!

I'd be very grateful for any stories or suggestions,
Veronica Rolfe

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