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From: Renia <>
Subject: Re: Help needed to resolve James Milvain ancestry
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 11:28:13 +0200
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Sam Sloan wrote:
> Help needed to resolve James Milvain ancestry
> My great-great-great-great-grandfather was James Milwain, who was born
> in 1755 in Wigtown County, Scotland. His wife was Jean Paul or Jean
> Saul (1749-1835) who was said to be the sister of John Paul Jones, the
> famous American Revolutionary War sea captain. However, the book by
> Don Thomson expresses the view that she was not the sister of John
> Paul Jones. I still believe that she was, in part because all of my
> Graham Family relatives have heard this story from their ancestors and
> believe that she was. However, that is not the issue I am discussing
> now.
> What interests me now concerns the parents of James Milwain. I have it
> that James Milwain was born in 1755 and died in 1829 and that his
> parents were Alexander Milwain born 1721 and Sarah Fie born 1723. It
> has not been possible to determine who were the ancestors of Alexander
> Milwain and Sarah Fie because all church records for the Parish of
> Stoneykirk were destroyed when the Session Clerk's House burnt down in
> early 1744.
> I have been contacted by Graham Williams, a distant presumed relative
> of mine who lives in Australia, and he disagrees. He believes that the
> James Milwain who was the son of Alexander Milwain and Sarah Fie did
> not marry Jean Paul or Saul but instead married Margaret Forsyth, had
> four children by her, that he died on 7 August 1807 and that he is
> buried in the churchyard, Glenluce, Wigtownshire, Scotland.
> According to him, the youngest of four children of James Milveen and
> Margaret Forsythe was Henrey Milvain who moved from Wigtown to
> Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, England, where he married twice,
> had 13 children and lived to age 86.
> This does not seem to be a case of James Milvain having two wives
> because of the big difference in death dates. One died in 1807 and the
> other died in 1826. However, if the death dates are wrong, there is a
> chance that they are the same person. The James Milwain who was the
> husband of Jean Paul had five children born between 1776 and 1788. The
> James Milveen who was married to Margaret Forsyth had four children
> born between 1797 and 1804. However, since Jean Paul lived to 1835, he
> would have had to divorce her to legally marry Margaret Forsyth.
> I have an alternate theory to explain this. Two persons named James
> Milwain were born in 1755. One was born 28 NOV 1755 in Wigtown,
> Scotland. The other was James Melvin born 18 MAY 1755 in All Saints,
> Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England. See IGI Batch Number:
> P004292.
> I believe that the James Milwain who was born in Wigtown, Scotland is
> my ancestor and that he married Jean Saul or Paul in Wigtown. I
> believe that the James Melvin who was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne,
> Northumberland, England came to Wigtown and married Margerat Forsythe
> and his son, Henrey or Henry went back to Newcastle Upon Tyne.
> Please note the many variations in spelling of the names. Milvain is
> also spelled Milwain, Melveen, Milveen, Melvin and even McIlvain.
> Others believe that Henry, the son of James Milwain who was born in
> Wigtown, Scotland moved to Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland,
> England, where he had 13 children. If they are correct, then Andrew
> Milwain, father of James Milwain, is not my ancestor.
> I have included both persons in my online family tree. Perhaps some
> researcher can solve this. There are many descendants whose genealogy
> would be affected by this. My James Milvain has at least 5000
> descendants that I know of, primarily through his grandson Samuel
> Thomson, who was my great-great-grandfather.
> The first step would be to go to the churchyard at Glenluce,
> Wigtownshire, Scotland and see if James Milwain is really buried
> there. Then try to verify whether another James Milwain died on 1 June
> 1829 in Dhuloch, Wigtown, Scotland. Are those two places near each
> other? f there really were two people by the same or nearly identical
> names, then the next question would be who were the parents of each
> and were the five children of one and four children of the other
> properly attributed to their correct fathers.
> I have put the family trees of these two men as I have them on my
> websites in the following places:
> I would appreciate anybody who would look at this and inform me of any
> errors or corrections needed.
> I would personally prefer it to turn out that both persons named James
> Milwain are the same person. That would make us all one big happy
> family.
> Sam Sloan

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