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From: "Cathy Joynt Labath" <>
Subject: !! Connaught Journal; Nov 9, 1840
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 15:11:56 -0600

County Galway, Ireland
Monday, November 9, 1840

Monday being the first day of Michalemas Term, the Courts were opened
with the usual formalities. In consequence of the illness of Lord Plunket,
the master of the Rolls presided in the Court of Chancery. Messrs. Pigott
and Moore were called to take their places as Attorney and
Solicitor-General,and Dr. Sroek as Sergeant at Law. The following gentlemen
were called to the Bar:-
John Bateman Barnes, Edward Vaughn Hyde Kennealy*, John Bolton Massey,
Alexander Richard Kirkpatrick, Edward William Costelloe, Michael Edmund
Corcoran*, Robert Conway Hurly, Horace Fitzgerald, John Harkin*, Edward
O'Brien, Wm. Mackay*, Wm. Chayter, jun., Hugh Harris, Richard E. Bourne,
Conway E. Dobbs, jun., John Robert Minit, James Kernan*, Samuel Sheridan
Harper, Townsend M'Dermott, Samuel Edmond John Reed, Edward Smyth Corry,
John James, John Flanagan*, George S. Cotter Kingston, John F. Ball, John
Francis Watters*, Edward Glover, Constantine Joseph Smith*, Coleman M.
O'Loghlen*, and John Richardson, Esqrs.
Those marked thus * are Roman Catholics.

The Very Rev. Austin Killeen, Prior of the Augustinian Convent of
Galway, is at present engaged in making his annual quest, as a Catholic
Missionary, in the diocese of Kilfinora and Kilmacdough. The Very Rev.
Gentleman's eloquence is sublime and impressive, full of pathos and classic
effusion, calculated to hold captive the most enlightened audience. He
preached in one of the Churches of the Rev. Mr. Nelly, P.P., Lisdonavarna on
last Sunday, when both Priest and people were enraptured with the sublimity
of his discourse; as a proof of which the people shewed, by their liberal
contributions, how highly they appreciated it. Among some of the most
liberal on the occasion must be classed a few, viz:- Major Macnamara, £2;
Francis Macnamara, Esq, £1; Mrs. Francis Macnamara £1, John Cahill, Esq.,
£1, Michael Stritch, Esq., £1, Rev. Michael Nelly, P.P., £1, Mr. M. Doherty,
The Rev. Mr. Nelly entertained the Very Rev. Preacher, and a large
party purposely invited o meet him in the evening, at his house in a most
sumptuous manner.--Limerick Register.

Cathy Joynt Labath
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