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Subject: Re: Tythes
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 13:12:19 -0800

Sorry to post this a second time, but the first post hasn't shown up on the list yet and it was sent well over an hour ago.

> Can anyone explain exactly what Tythe records are, please?

The Composition Act of 1823 called for the payment of tithes with money to the Church of Ireland. A valuation of land was then taken. The assessment of land for the tithes was grossly inequitable and thus met with a lot of resentment, especially since Catholics were required to pay tithes to the Church of Ireland.

While more valuable grasslands were not taxed, the poor potato patch was assessed. The Tithes is not a complete record of people living at that time in Ireland,but it does give you some records of who rented the land and the landowner. In some areas of Ireland people of the same townland would band together in a form of protest and only a few of the people in the area paid tithes. When it was discovered that the tithes that were collected were fall lower than should have been collected efforts to collect were made. Since the tithes were so grossly inequitable and unpopular with the Catholics the tithes were finally abolished in 1838.

Slan go foill,
Margaret (Mairead)

> Can anyone explain exactly what Tythe records are, please?
> I understand the historical/biblical notion of tythes being a tenth of one's

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