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From: "ClareOldie" <>
Subject: Re: Our Boys go in Deep!
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 12:02:03 -0000
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"Sir Crispin Gaylord" <> wrote in message
> wrote in message
> > Yes, this time the empire builders and spreaders of world terrorism are
> > lording it over the Iraqi people, just like they did the Irish.
> > They're looking forward to stealing the oil as well as to using the
> > native population for servants. They've been perfecting this brigandage
> > all over the world for hundreds of years now, and they've finally found
> > a madman as a partner who has declared his willingness to use weapons of
> > mass destruction whenever convenient. They've already started dropping
> > 1000 pound bombs on small Iraqi villages (in this context clearly WMDs),
> > just to see the pretty colors and because they're peeved that Iragi's
> > don't like their country invaded.
> >
> > But look out, after he's done with Iraq, Bush might well decide that the
> > large number of anti-war demonstrators in London could mean Britain
> > might be a future threat. The logical consequence, Britain needs a
> > regime change to US martial law.
> >
> >
> This is nothing but a despicable apologia for tyranny and terrorism.
> Whose side are you on? I am for Queen and Country, and will back up
> our boys to the hilt!
> Yours, etc.
> Sir Crispin Gaylord, Bt.

Maybe your boys and you should stay with your queen in your own country and
not go using your weapons in other countries.
Personally I am on the side of peace not war.
But I must say I was interested to hear that the english army are well
prepared for city fighting having had great experience in Northern
Ireland. - from an army spokesman being interviewed.
Does this mean that they will be in Baghdad for the next thirty years?


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