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From: "Cathy Joynt Labath" <>
Subject: !! Ballina Chronicle; May 23, 1849
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 08:38:19 -0600

Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
Wednesday, May 23, 1849

(From the Limerick Chronicle of Saturday.)
Colonel Jackson, 6th Carabineers, has arrived in London from Dublin.
All the troops in Ireland were under arms at noon this day, and fired
three rounds in honor of her Majesty's birth-day.
A majority in the Kerry Militia is vacant by the death of Pierce
Crosbie, Esq. of Ballybeigue, eldest son of the late Lieutenant-Colonel
Crosbie, of that regiment, and many years M.P. for Kerry. A company is also
vacant in the Kerry Militia by the death of Sir Arthur Blennerhasset, Bart.,
last month.
His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has appointed Colonel Caulfield,
M.P., to the Lieutenancy of the county Armagh, vacant by the demise of the
late Earl of Gosford.
Yesterday ,the depot companies of the 75th, under Capt. Hotham, left
Cork for Chatham, in the London steamer.
Arthur Vincent Turner, Esq., of Baggot-street, Dublin, is appointed to
an Ensigncy in the 69th regiment.
Lt. Col. Oldfield, to command the Engineers in Ireland, has arrived in
Dublin, and Col. Vavasour proceeds to Canada.
It is now said that Major-General Brotherton will receive the Colonelcy
of the 15th Hussars, vacant by the death of Sir Robert T. Wilson.
Lieut. General Sir George Anson is to succeed the late Sir Edw. Paget
as Governor of Chelsea Hospital.
An officer of the 40th, on guard in Dublin on Thursday last, was seized
with cholera.
The sergeants of the 1st Royals, Dublin, have presented Serjeant-major
John Wilson with a splendid silver cup, after 21 years' service.
Lieut. Lennox, Royal Horse Brigade, is promoted to a Second Captaincy.

War Office, May 18.
2d Life Guards- Lieut Charles Hollowell, Carew, from the 36th foot, to
be Cornet and Sub.-Lieut., vice Gwyn, who exchanges.
7th Dragoon Guards- Lieut. Philip Bunbury to be Capt. by purchase, vice
Brevet major Hogge, who retires,; Cornet and Adjutant John Gray to have the
rank of Lieut.; Cornet Wm. Stuckey Wood to be Lieut. by purchase, vice
Bunbury;' Thomas Edward Dowbiggen, gent. to be Cornet by purchase, vice
6th Foot-Major Andrew Armstrong Barnes, from the 25th foot, to be
Major, vice Griffiths, who exchanges.
24th Foot- Staff Surgeon of the 2d Class John Stuart Smith, M.D., to be
Surgeon, vice Pitcairn, who exchanges.
25th Foot- Major John Thomas Griffiths, from the 6th Foot to be Major,
vice Barnes who exchanges.
35th Foot- Charles Robert Tennant, gent. to be Ensign by purchase, vice
Spratt, promoted.
36th Foot- Lieut. Cornet, and Sub-Lieut. Thomas Gabriel Leonard Carew
Gwyn, from the 2d regiment of Life Guards, to be Lieutenant, vice Carew, who
62d Foot- Major Henry B. Harvey ,from the 67th Foot, to be Major, vice
Shortt, who exchanges.
63d Foot- Ensign Douglas Ernest Manners, from the 91st Foot, to be
Lieut. without purchase, vice William George Landrishe Crowther, cashiered
by the sentence of a general court martial.
69th Foot- Captain George Hughes Messiter, from half-pay unattached to
be Captain, vice George Floyd Ducket, who exchanges.
71st Foot- Ensign Bernard Brocas to be Lieut. by purchase, vice
Uniacke, who retires; F.M'Donnell, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, vice
72- W. Whitmore, Gent., to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Urquhart,
appointed to the 75th Foot.
87th- Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel W.T. Shortt, from the 62d Foot, to be
Major, vice Harvey, who exchanges; second Lieutenant J. Peyton to be First
Lieut. by purchase, vice Murphy, who retires; E.H.J. Meredyth, Gent, to be
second Lieutenant by purchase, vice Pepton.
90th- Assistant Surgeon R.C. Anderson, M.D., from the Staff to be
Surgeon, vice Ellison, deceased.
91st.- S.T. Sargent, Gent. to be Ensign without purchase, vice Manners,
promoted to the 63d Foot.
Ceylon Rifle Regiment- Captain C.B. Tattersall to be Major, by
purchase, vice Martin, who retires; Lieutenant V. Wing to be Captain by
purchase, vice Tattersall; second Lieutenant E. Bagnell, to be First
Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Wing; F.L. Kennedy, Gent. to be second
Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Bagnell.
Hospital Staff- Surgeon G.K. Pitcairn, M.D. from the 24th Foot, to be
Staff Surgeon of the Second Class, vice Smith, who exchanges; Acting
Assistant-Surgeon G.S. King, M.D., to be Assistant-Surgeon to the Forces,
vice Anderson, promoted to the 90th Foot.
Unattached- Capt. P.W.A. Bradshaw, from 77th Foot, to be Major without

Cathy Joynt Labath
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