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From: "Is Mise Gan Ainm" <>
Subject: Re: GENIRE-D Digest V03 #131. Genealogy or Politics?
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 00:30:17 GMT
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In news:,
jodyb <> typed:
|| I thought we were to stick to genealogy in this forum. I
|| for one welcome a break from all the war talk...and
|| please, if you don't care for America, then go. We have
|| so many people trying to get in all the time who
|| actually like our country and what it stands for that
|| you won't be missed, truly! I was never for this war
|| myself, but your extremism is as ignorant as that of the
|| warmongers. jodyb
|| wrote in message
|| news:<>...
||| Yes, this time the empire builders and spreaders of
||| world terrorism are lording it over the Iraqi people,
||| just like they did the Irish. They're looking forward
||| to stealing the oil as well as to using the native
||| population for servants. They've been perfecting this
||| brigandage all over the world for hundreds of years
||| now, and they've finally found a madman as a partner
||| who has declared his willingness to use weapons of mass
||| destruction whenever convenient. They've already
||| started dropping 1000 pound bombs on small Iraqi
||| villages (in this context clearly WMDs), just to see
||| the pretty colors and because they're peeved that
||| Iragi's don't like their country invaded.
||| But look out, after he's done with Iraq, Bush might
||| well decide that the large number of anti-war
||| demonstrators in London could mean Britain might be a
||| future threat. The logical consequence, Britain needs a
||| regime change to US martial law.

I'm afraid on this un-monitored newsgroup, one has to accept
the opinions of others, even if the subject is somewhat
off-topic. It is also prudent to observe that not all the
contributors, including myself, live in, or wish in the
U.S.A. I doubt very much if there is anyone in this group
who believes that the attack on Iraq is purely and solely
for the love of the Iraqis, as a people.

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