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From: (Sir Crispin Gaylord)
Subject: Re: Our Boys go in Deep!
Date: 30 Mar 2003 21:18:17 -0800
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"Sean MacLochlainn" <> wrote in message news:<b66n33$68m$>...
> Sir Crispin Gaylord wrote:
> > A strong dose of colonisation would be perfect. The British Empire was
> > one of the pinacles of human accomplishment, one that has been sorely
> > lacking for some decades now - just look at what happened in the Near
> > East since we left! I can assure you that the firm smack of a British
> > colonial government is just what the natives need in Iraq.
> I can see it now, Crispin Pasha dropping poison gas on the wogs from his
> Sopwith Camel. Just like the RAF did in the 1920's.
> Like pater like son.
> Sean

Dear John,
I say old chap, that is probably the most sensible thing
said on SGI in years! General Sir Crispin Gaylord Pasha has a certain
ring to it doesn't it?
I can promise you that I wouldn't need long in Baghdad to sort out the

Yours, etc.

Sir Crispin Gaylord, Bt.

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