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From: (Sam Sloan)
Subject: Re: Help needed to resolve James Milvain ancestry
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 15:57:30 GMT
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At 01:13 AM 3/28/2003 -0500, Sam Sloan wrote:

>This does not seem to be a case of James Milvain having two wives
>because of the big difference in death dates. One died in 1807 and the
>other died in 1826. However, if the death dates are wrong, there is a
>chance that they are the same person. The James Milwain who was the
>husband of Jean Paul had five children born between 1776 and 1788. The
>James Milveen who was married to Margaret Forsyth had four children
>born between 1797 and 1804. However, since Jean Paul lived to 1835, he
>would have had to divorce her to legally marry Margaret Forsyth.

I just realized something that I overlooked. Although I have found
records showing that James Milwain had four children with Margaret
Forsyth, I have not been able to find that he ever married her. Thus,
it is possible that they had all these children without bothering to
get married. This seems likely since he had a living wife, Jean Paul,
at the time.

I have also been informed by a group member that James Milwain married
Jean Paul in Northern Ireland, not in Scotland. This might make it
possible for him to get away with marrying another woman in Scotland
while the first one was still alive.

Yet another researcher has informed me that James Milvain is not
buried in the old churchyard at Old Luce, Wigtown, Scotland. This
makes it likely that the date of death of 1807 is wrong, too.

In view of all these discoveries, I have for the time being revised my
family tree to say that James Milwain had two wives, Jean Paul and
Margaret Forsyth. I am hoping to receive more information one way or
the other. There were several other people around named James Milwain
or Milveen plus many other persons named Alexander or Andrew Milwain
who was the father of James Milwain.

There is also a Thomas Milwain who was born at about the same time as
Andrew Milwain who also had a son named James. I strongly suspect that
Thomas Milwain and Andrew Milwain were brothers.

Any help anybody can provide would be appreciated.

Sam Sloan

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