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Subject: !! Connaught Journal; Nov 12, 1840 #1
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 15:15:53 -0600

Galway, Galway, Ireland
Thursday, November 12, 1840


Wicklow, Nov. 4, 1840
A very shocking outrage was committed at a distance from this town, on
the road leading to Glensly, on Monday last. I read you the particulars,
which are as follow, and on the truth of which you may place the fullest
reliance:- A woman, whose name is Mary Sexton, and who states that she is a
native of Tipperary, was traveling in this neighbourhood on Monday, with a
child in her arms, having slept on the preceding night at the house of Pat
Canna, a labourer and married man. The woman, it appears, was journeying to
meet her husband, who is a shoemaker, and resides at a remote part of this
When distant about two miles form the house of Captain Drought, the
resident magistrate, she was overtaken by two men, one of them the aforesaid
Canna, and the other a person named Pat Angley, an unmarried man. Both
ruffians sieged the unfortunate creature at once, and having forcibly
dragged the child out of her arms, not without considerable injury to the
little sufferer, proceeded to commit and indecent assault on the poor
woman's person, and despite of all resistance, succeeded in effecting their
brutal assault.
The woman on recovering her liberty made her way direct to the police
station, and disclosed the fact to Sub-constable Thomas Finnamore, who,
being the only man in charge of the station at the time-the other policemen
having been on duty at a fair, was, of course, unable to go in pursuit of
the offenders. He, however, obtained an accurate description of their person
and dress, and communicated the facts to his comrades on their return home.
A search was immediately commenced, and one of the villains (Canna), being
known, was apprehended by Head-constable Collins on the same night, at his
own house.
On the following day, Finnamore, being engaged in the performance of
some county duty, fell in with a man who answered to the description given
of the offender, and immediately made him prisoner on suspicion. The
suspicion proved well founded, as Angley was identified by the woman as the
more brutal of her assailants. Both ruffians are now in custody. The highest
praise is due to the constables, particularly to Finnamore, for the activity
and steadiness displayed by them on the occasion.--Evening Packet.

Cathy Joynt Labath
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