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From: "Sean MacLochlainn" <>
Subject: Re: O'Clery Book of Genealogies
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 00:31:10 +0100
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Tom Gallen wrote:
> I'm looking for a translation of the following passage from the
> O'Clery book pertaining to my surname (Gaillin). It appears to be
> written in both Irish and Latin. I'm trying to find out how my sept
> (h. Gaillin or O'Gallen) is related to the other names preceeding it
> like Diarmait and Feidlimid...
> Also, what does the number mean?

693 is the paragraph number in the published edition of O Clerys Book of
Genealogies, which you will find in number 18 of a journal called Analecta
Hibernica published by the Irish Manuscripts Commission in 1951. Paragraph
693 falls within the section covering the genealogy of a population group
known as the Cenel Coelbad (= 'the descendants of Coelbad'). To understand
paragraph 693 you have to read it in conjunction with paragraphs 691 and
692 and I would translate these paragraphs as follows (spellings are

Feargus son of Eoghan had two sons, Aedh and Coelbad.

The two sons of Coelbad are Coireall and Coirpre. The son of Coirpre is

The two sons of Feidlimidh are both Dairmaid, Dairmaid mongach and Diarmaid
king of Carraig Brachaidhe. From Dairmaid king of Carraig Brachaidhe
descend Cenel Baetalaigh and O Cainnide and O Luit and O Cernaigh and O
Dubhthachain and O Gaillin and..........

Put this together and you get the following line to O Gailin:

Diarmaid king of Carraig Brachaidhe
(unknown names)
O Gaillin

Eoghan in this context is undoubtedly Eoghan son of Niall of the Nine
Hostages, a king of Tara who lived in the mid fifth century. Carraig
Brachaidhe was the name of the western portion of the Inishowen peninsula
in Co Donegal and a 16th century castle of that name survives on the Isle
of Doagh in north-west Inishowen.

For some more stuff on Cenel Coelbad see


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