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From: "Sean MacLochlainn" <>
Subject: Re: O'Clery Book of Genealogies
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 00:55:01 +0100
References: <>

Tom Gallen wrote:
> I'm looking for a translation of the following passage from the
> O'Clery book pertaining to my surname (Gaillin). It appears to be
> written in both Irish and Latin. I'm trying to find out how my sept
> (h. Gaillin or O'Gallen) is related to the other names preceeding it
> like Diarmait and Feidlimid.

You seem to be assuming that your surname alone identifies what sept you
descend from, be aware that a surname is not the same as a sept. A sept is
a group of people bearing the same surname in the same area who claim a
common ancestry, But there could have been more than one sept using the O
Gaillin surname. The Cenel Coelbad were located in Inishowen but an element
migrated to Tyrone circa 10th century. To be confident that the O Gaillins
mentioned in the genealogy were your O Gaillins you would either have to
trace back from the present to an ancestor living in these areas or satisfy
yourself that there was only ever the one sept that bore the O Gaillin


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