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From: jodyb <>
Subject: Re: war talk
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 21:06:48 -0800 (PST)
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From: "Is Mise Gan Ainm"
Subject: Re: GENIRE-D Digest V03 #131. Genealogy or Politics?

In news:,
jodyb typed:
|| I thought we were to stick to genealogy in this forum. I
|| for one welcome a break from all the war talk...and
|| please, if you don't care for America, then go. We have
|| so many people trying to get in all the time who
|| actually like our country and what it stands for that
|| you won't be missed, truly! I was never for this war
|| myself, but your extremism is as ignorant as that of the
|| warmongers. jodyb
|| wrote in message
|| news:<>...
||| Yes, this time the empire builders and spreaders of
||| world terrorism are lording it over the Iraqi people,
||| just like they did the Irish. They're looking forward
||| to stealing the oil as well as to using the native
||| population for servants. They've been perfecting this
||| brigandage all over the world for hundreds of years
||| now, and they've finally found a madman as a partner
||| who has declared his willingness to use weapons of mass
||| destruction whenever convenient. They've already
||| started dropping 1000 pound bombs on small Iraqi
||| villages (in this context clearly WMDs), just to see
||| the pretty colors and because they're peeved that
||| Iragi's don't like their country invaded.
||| But look out, after he's done with Iraq, Bush might
||| well decide that the large number of anti-war
||| demonstrators in London could mean Britain might be a
||| future threat. The logical consequence, Britain needs a
||| regime change to US martial law.

I'm afraid on this un-monitored newsgroup, one has to accept
the opinions of others, even if the subject is somewhat
off-topic. It is also prudent to observe that not all the
contributors, including myself, live in, or wish in the
U.S.A. I doubt very much if there is anyone in this group
who believes that the attack on Iraq is purely and solely
for the love of the Iraqis, as a people.

**I know that the writer is from the states because of his email address; I obviously know that everyone on this list is not from the USA. I also am not an "arrogant American" who assumes that the world wants to be like us. I simply am stating a fact that people from other countries certainly do want to live here, and in enormous numbers. And calling a nation that is still reeling from the attack on the trade center "spreaders of world terrorism" and saying that they drop bombs to "see the pretty colors" is just bizarre, excessive and the kind of viciousness that can't ever create meaningful dialogue. A huge percentage of us--I would venture to say most of us-- here care nothing about oil; we truly believe that we are helping to protect the world and ourselves and have the means to do it. I also accept that others won't believe that. I also belong to a large percentage of people who really first hoped this wouldn't happen at all, then hoped we could do this with UN suppor!
t, and now support the war only because we have kids over there fighting who are our brothers and sisters and children and we can't do anything but support them now that it's a done deal. That said, I have blasted Bush with the best of them. I think he was nuts for getting us into this, and I am horrified by what is happening in the world because of it. It doesn't mean I suffer the rantings of fools with equanimity, though.

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