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From: Dennis Ahern <>
Subject: Re: Excerpts from Irish newspapers
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 01:24:32 +0000 (UTC)

From The Cork Examiner, 20 June 1865 -

THE MURDER AT PALMERSTOWN.--Patrick Kilkenny, who was
committed a few days ago on a coroner's warrant for the wilful murder
of Margaret Farquhar, at Palmerstown, on the 9th inst., is at present
at Kilmainham Gaol, where he speaks rather freely of having committed
the murder and says that if he were sure that his soul would not go to
hell he would be prepared for the consequences. At first he refused to
eat and drink, because he would not be supplied with tobacco ; his
request was complied with and now he eats heartily. He is watched
closely night and day, fears being entertained that he meditates
committing suicide, as he more than once asked the priest who attends
him whether he would have been damned if he had cut his throat on the
night of the murder. The gas is kept burning in his cell all night, and
a warder is constantly with him. These precautions, it would appear, are
absolutely necessary, as a day or two ago a razor, which was stolen
from a warder's quarters, was found in the cell of a convict adjoining
Kilkenny's cell, and with whom there had been a sort of
acquaintanceship formed since his committal. It is supposed the man had
the razor intended to give it to Kilkenny, for the purpose of assisting
him in his design of self-destruction. Kilkenny will be tried, it is
expected, on to-morrow or Wednesday.

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