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From: katy <>
Subject: Re: News extracts: June 14, 1828: Affray at Rio Janeiro
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 21:00:33 -0400
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Charles Ellson wrote:

> British settlers had been there since about 1765, following closely
> after French settlers. There was also Spanish involvement and an
> amount of mainly non-hostile passing of the islands between the three
> countries. The Republic of Buenos Aires tried to claim the islands in
> 1820 (with the US also sticking their oar in) as they had never been
> formally colonised by the UK but withdrew their claim and the islands
> were made a formal colony in 1833. Argentina never possessed the
> islands until the unsuccessful war in 1982. Some of the
> passing-the-parcel is described in:-

Thank you for your's not a topic discussed in American
history classes...

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