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Subject: Circa 1805 Co. Fermanagh to New Orleans Lawyer John Nixon, Esq.
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2009 20:11:30 -0800 (PST)

My ancestor, 1815 Battle of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, lawyer Adj.
Lt. John Nixon, De Jean's 1st Louisiana Milita, fought on the far west
bank untill over-run by the British when he spiked his two cannon and
retreated. He owned the Nixon House Hotel, Biloxi, Missisippi, where
he died June 4th or 7th, 1849, where he was entombed at Biloxi City
Cemetery at it's old entrance on the bay. Was his tomb destroyed by
hurricane Katrina? If so, I'd like to get him a U.S. veteran's
replacement tombstone. He was born Macguiresbridge, Co. Fermanagh,
near the Co. Caven line, N. Ireland, April 23, 1787. I suspect his
mother was a Bell? He arrived New Orleans 1806 and there wed Adeline
Cecelia Copp, daughter of Dover, N.H., and New Orleans lawyer David
Copp, Jr. John and Adeline's issue: Robert Porter Nixon b/d 1816,
Mrs. Martha Bell Nixon Warfield, 1818-1904, wed Georgetown, D.C.,
N.O.. La., lawyer Periguine "Perry" Snowden Warfield (Dr. Warfield's
son), kin of base-born Bessie Warfield who wed King Edward VIII, my
Mrs. Martha Jane Nixon James, 1820-1898, who wed LtCol Robert Wm.
James, and had Capt. Harry Copp James, Biloxi ship's pilot and
harbormaster, John Washington Nixon, Esq., 1824-1888, lawyer, who wed
Sally Kate Maddox, Richard Augustus Nixon b1828, Henry Kirk Nixon,
1830-1908, New Orleans policeman, Wm. Robinson Nixon, b1832, Catherina
Grant Nixon, b1835, and Rowina Louisa Medora Nixon, 1839-1917, never
married. Seek Lt. John Nixon's Co. Fermanagh parents. Jim Miller,
Southport, North Carolina USA

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