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From: "Theresa Green" <>
Subject: RE: Catholic information
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 15:36:14 +0100
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Hi everyone

I recently discovered the local parish where my ancestors worshiped.
Unfortunately, it's a Catholic parish. I emailed the reverend to ask if
I could possibly make an appointment to call in and see the records and
was refused, which came as a bit of a shock! He said he couldn't
possibly let me see the records because they belonged to the Church and
it wasn't allowed! I'm very bemused about this as the records I wanted
to see are over 100 years old, these people are my family, and as a
visit to the Irish "roots" website will show, are visibly "for sale" at
a high price to subscribers. I wouldn't mind paying for them if the
price were reasonable, but as far as I can see the Irish website has no
cross-reference mechanism and it would cost me hundreds of pounds to do
a basic search!
Has anyone any ideas as to how I can overcome this (apart from breaking
into the church that is!) After 100 years has passed I thought all
records of this type could be viewed by anyone.


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