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Subject: RE: [GLA] 1901 Census - The Moors, Cardiff
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 05:41:16 +0930
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Hi Jeff

Thank you so much for the map and all the information about the East Moors
area - all the personal involvement anecdotes are always appreciated.

I am so glad that you followed the 1958 Empire Games Marathon and bought
that map - this is not the first time that you have come to my aid.

I remember Portmanmoor Road but not any of the other streets along there - I
always understood it to be a bit "down-market". My mother certainly looked
down her nose at that part of Splott - perhaps she didn't know that's where
her parents started their married life.


Ruth Curtis
Adelaide, South Australia

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Subject: Re: [GLA] 1901 Census - The Moors, Cardiff

Hi Ruth

this area were houses 'jerry-built' rather rapidly for workers at the
'Dowlais Works' East Moors steelworks when it moved to Cardiff from Merthyr,

I understand. Menelaus Street near the southern end was named after one of
the managers.

Some people kept their houses beautifully but there were some that
deteriorated a great deal. The whole area was downwind of the steelworks
most of the time and there was a permanent 'coke-oven' smell and a certain
amount of dust in quite a lot of the area.

They were demolished some time after mid-1970s and before late 1980s, I
think a few years before the East Moors Steelworks closed.

I will send you a map off-list.

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Subject: [GLA] 1901 Census - The Moors, Cardiff

> Hi Listers
> In the 1901 census, my maternal grandparents, Samuel GREEN and his wife
> Blanche Sara GREEN née LUDLOW, together with their 2 sons Arthur and
> Alexander, were living in 2 rooms ("in rooms" as it was called) at:
> 33 Llanelly Street, The Moors, Cardiff
> I have found the street in various Cardiff Directories from 1891 through
> to
> 1914, where it appears to run off Portmanmoor Road - and was crossed by
> Neath Street. There were a number of streets nearby that were named after
> places in West Wales - Swansea Street etc - none of which I can find on
> current maps.
> I have also checked the building plans on the GRO website (Cardiff: the
> building of a capital) and I found that the first house plan was in 1887
> and
> the last was in 1895, with a conversion of a stable to a mission in 1902.

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