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Subject: Re: [GLA] Parish boundaries in Rhondda valley.
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 17:41:14 +0000
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ken barry <> wrote:

"Hi list members,

Did any of you reach grade 'A' at geography??? a.. Can anyone tell me,? precisely, the parish boundary between Llanwonno and Llantrisant in the mid 1800s?? Did it coincide with the centreline of the river?

I am fairly sure my search subject family, MORGAN, had members residing on both sides, but very close to the boundary line.???
? a.. Would it have been obligatory,? then, to register vital events within your own parish, or could an informant choose the more convenient place, even if it was in the neighbouring parish?

I have presumed that Hafod and Trehafod are the same place, possibly at different periods.?
? a.. So, are Graigwen, Pantygraigwen and Pengraigwen, similarly, the same place?? (all from parish record transcripts.)

Thanks, in anticipation.

I'll try and add a bit to Gareth's answer although I don't know about the parish boundaries in detail.

My father was born in Heath Crescent, Graigwen in the parish of Llanwonno. His birth certificate (1907) describes this as Llanwonno Sub-District of Pontypridd Registration District, although by 1939 it had become within Pontypriss Sub-District of Pontypridd registration District. My father vaguely said that the Llanwonno parish boundary was at "the bottom of the hill"; this suggests if it was not actually the river, it was close to the river. Heath Crescent is off Hurford Crescent just north west of the junction of Graigwen Road (the road that leads from Pontypridd to Llanwonno, sometimes called Graigwen Hill as it is very steep)and Graigwen Place (These streets can be clearly seen on Google maps, apart from Heath Crescent which is shown but not named. I would feel confident that all of Graigwen north west of Tyfica Road was in Llanwonno parish, and probably also some ground south east of Tyfica Road.

Pengraiwen just means the top of Graigwen, near White Rock. In the 1950s this was mainly open hillside with the odd disused quarry and farm. In the last few decades there has been a lot of house building here and you can see on Google maps roads called Whiterock Drive, Whiterock Avenue and Whiterock Close. As Gareth said, White Rock is just a translation of Graigwen; but the settlement historically known as Graigwen was downhill (south east)from White Rock. Pengraigwen is definitely within Llanwonno parish.

Pantygraigwen (locally "The Pant") runs north west from the junction of Graigwen Road and Llwynmadoc Street, It runs across the hillside, at first in a shallow dry valley (Pant) that presumably gave it the name. Pantygraigwen is within Llanwonno parish.

I don't know if Hafod is still used as a place name, but it was north of Trehafod, its name preserved in Hafod Lane. Hafod was more or less due north of Trehafod railway station, about a quarter of a mile away; I imagine it was within Llanwonno parish.

I would guess the original (north of the river) part of Trehafod was in Llanwonno parish and the extension south of the river in Llantrisant parish.

Having written this off the top of my head, I now remember that I have a copy of Glanffrwd's History of the Parish of Llanwonno which help if further clarification is required.


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