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Subject: Re: [GLA] Edward WILLIAMS[Iolo MORGANWG] Llancarfan,SEYS of Boverton
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Wenllian is the form of the common Welsh name Gwenllian that you would get
if it were mutated, for example after a preposition. If they married in
England she might show up as Gwendoline or some other version of the name.
Spelling might vary a little in the surname if marrying out of area, though
it would have been well-known locally.

If you are a member of Glamorgan Family History Society you can ask for a
lookup in the Marriages database.

However as the SEYS family were gentry and Richard was a a barrister he may
have married outside Glamorgan.
I assume you have seen
and other references on Bob Sanders web site to Richard SEYS and his family.

See also

and about Iolo and
his mother.


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Subject: [GLA] Edward WILLIAMS[Iolo MORGANWG] Llancarfan, SEYS of Boverton

> Edward WILLIAMS alias Iolo MORGANWG, Stonemason and Poet,1747-1826
> Trying to find Maiden name of Edward MATHEWS wife's mother, Aunt to Edward
>>From Iolo Morganwg autobiographical notes he states his mother Ann MATHEWS
> 1713-1770 b Llangynwyd,Glam was Daughter of Edward MATHEWS of
> Tyn-y-Caeau,Coychurch,Bridgend, Glam.
> Extract of notes:-''My Mother was the Daur of Edward Mathews of Coychurch
> in the
> same County, he was of one of the most ancient and respectable Families in
> Wales, born to a competent Estate which he, falling a prey to some
> Misfortunes
> and many villanies was obliged to sell, and my Grandmother then dying, my
> Mother
> about nine years of age was taken into the Family of Richard Seys of
> Boverton
> Esqr, who was married to her maternal aunt, here she was brought up and
> educated
> in a manner that was rather disadvantageous to a woman of no Fortune. She
> had
> all the qualifications but Wealth that could be required in the Wife of a
> Peer
> of the Realm, but it was her lot to marry a Mason. She was however a
> flower
> eventually, Born to blush unseen
> And waste its' fragrance on the desart air.''
>>From this it would appear his mother moved to Boverton Place about 1722
>>and it was there she 1st met Edward WILLIAMS 1715-1795 his father about 12
>>months before they were married on 8 NOV 1744 St Athans, Glam.
> Extract of notes:-'' my Mother amongst other things had no despicable
> knowledge
> of Surgery and Physic, she had been habituated to these studies and
> practices by
> her Aunt Mrs. Seys, who was a very good old Lady, and with her niece (my
> Mother)
> performed many remarkable cures on the poor who could not afford to apply
> to any
> of the faculty, My father when single had his hand shatter most terribly
> by the
> crush of a large stone every bone tore to pieces, in every one of his
> fingers,
> amputation of the hand was deemed absolutely necessary by all the faculty,
> in
> the sore distress of mind which he felt on this occasion he recollected
> what he
> had heard of the remarkable cures performed by Mrs Seys, he applied to
> her, and
> my mother assisted by her aunts advice set the bones and in time performed
> a
> successful cure so as to restore to my father the full use of his hand.
> this was
> the occasion that brought them first an acquaintance that in about a
> twelvemonth
> ended in Marriage''
>>From Richard SEYS,1639-1714 Will, dated 1714, his widow, 2nd wife, was
>>Wenllian ??? and his heir was son Evan SEYS 1680-1718, to die soon after.
>>He also left a daughter Elizabeth SEYS b about 1703, a minor in his Will,
>>who was later,17/02/1724 at Llantwit Major, to marry an elderly cousin,
>>another Evan SEYS b 1653 Rhydding, Glam, d 1733.
> This Elizabeth SEYS then married c 1735 Lewis PRICE b1712 Llanedi, Carm.
> who died 1744 at Hotwells, Bristol but buried 6 Sept 1744
> at Llantwit Major, my Wife's 7xG,GFather and Mother.
> Ann MATHEWS Aunt would appear to be Wenllian, the Widow of Richard SEYS
> and it is the Maiden name of her we wish to find!
> A marriage date of Richard SEYS to Wenllian ?? would also help?
> Sorry for all this info. but any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Michael and Penelope ORAM
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