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Subject: John Holt et al... ;-) was Re: [HOLT-L] Robert Holte
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 18:40:44 -0400
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All of my John Holt families as they are in my files today - which is
subject to change at any time... Everyone is welcome to send
additions/corrections if you recognize one of these folks. Most of this is
from compilations and is a good start but not to be considered fact by

** John Holt (?-?) born in ? m. Edith White (?-?) born in Hanover County Va.
John was the son of Joseph Holt (late 16's - mid 17's) who died in Charles
City County Virginia and was m. to ? -- John and Edith had Samuel (-),
Benjamin (-), Catherine (-), Sally (-), William (1757-), David (1764-), and
John White Holt (1788 - )...

** John Holt (1644 - 1705) born and died in Surry County Va. the son of
Randall Holt and Elizabeth Hansford. John m. Mary Binns (abt 1666 - ) who
was dau of Thomas and Elizabeth Alston Binns. John and Mary had John
(<1685-1723), David (abt1685-1749), Charles (-), Joseph (-), and Benjamin

** John Holt (-) was the son of Randall Holt the immigrant and Mary Bailey.
John m. someone and had a son John (-) in the early 1700's...

** John Holt (<1685 - 1723) of Surry County Virginia was the son of John and
Mary Binns Holt. he m. someone who died <1723 and had Thomas (abt 1703 - ),
Mary (-), Elizabeth (-), and John III (abt 1705 - <1764)

** John Holt (abt 1705 - <1764) was the son of John Holt (immediately above)
and someone. John m. Elizabeth Wilson the dau. of someone. [i have no
listed children for John and Elizabeth]

** John Holt (-) the son of John Holt and someone - grandson of Randall and
Mary Binns Holt, m. someone and had a child John Holt (1769-1853)...

** John Holt (abt 1720 - 1784), was the son of David and Margaret Dibdall
Holt. I have no mar. or child files for this John Holt.

** John Holt (1769-1853) was the son of John Holt and someone, great
grandson of Randall and Mary Binns Holt. He m. Susanna Coburn (-) in 1797
and they had a son Francis Asbury Holt on 16 June 1620. Francis m. Louise

** John Andrew Jackson Holt was born about 1812 the son of Harrison and
Harriett Bellmear Holt (late of Virginia and Kentucky). I have no records
of his mar. or children though I do have siblings William B., Elizabeth Ann,
Thomas B., Susan, Peter C., Henry Clay, Mary, Lousa, Sarah Lavinia, and

** John Bascom Holt was the son of someone who mar. Olar Priscilla Hudson
(16 Aug 1891 - ?) the daughter of James Franklin Hudson and Arminta Whitaker
of Montgomery County North Carolina. I have no information on his family
other than this.

** John David Holt (1913 - 1990) was the son of Grover F. Holt and Frankie
Minnie Hudson. John m. Hattie Turner. This is all that I know of this

** John Hunter Holt (1751 - abt 1788) was the son of David Holt Jr. and
Mabel Hunter. He was born in Amelia County Virginia and died in Richmond
Virginia. This is all that I know of this family.

** John James Holt (1844 - 1845) was the son of James Holt and Mary Pane.
He was born in Hancock IL and died young. [this line migrated from Va,
through NC, TN, and into the west coast...]

** John Thomas Holt (Christmas 1818 - ?) was born to Thomas Blackbourne Holt
and Nancy Agnes Patterson late of Kentucky. I have no wife or children
listed, his siblings were Patterson Alfred Holt, James Patterson Holt,
Charlotte Lucy Holt (Williams), Hannibal Holt, William B. Holt, and
Lafayette Holt.

** John White Holt (4 July 1788 - ?) was born in Campbell County Virginia to
John Holt and Edith White. He m. Susan Saunders, Sarah Gordon, and Mary
Arinton Ware. Mary died in 1863 in Georgia. I have no children
information. John White Holts siblings were Samuel Holt, Benjamin Holt,
Catherine Holt (Rice), Sally Holt (Brewer), William Holt, and David Holt.

This then gives you all of the John Holt families which I am researching,
all of which my husband or I are related to in some way -- usually very
distant. They do not all descend from the Randall Holt lineage... I'd like
to collect even more on these families so if you have
information/sources/gedcoms/photos what have you please send a copy my way.

Betty Ann Holt-Turner

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