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From: "Harshawardhan_Bosham Nimkhedkar" <>
Subject: Re: [INDIA] Dennis KINCAID (1905-1937)
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 12:05:37 +0530
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----- Original Message ----- From: "Noel Clark"
I wonder whether anyone can point me to a short biography of
Dennis Kincaid (1905-1937) who wrote "British Social Life in
India 1608-1937"? In particular, who were his parents?


I can help you immediately with this short obit that was published
in The Times, London, on Friday, Jun 11, 1937. My knowledge of
him is two-fold: he was a batchmate of Mr T. Waterfield and they
both came to India at the same time. The duo was among those few
ICS men who loved ''going native'' - they loved India and her people.
Mr Waterfield stayed on in India after 1947, and died in Poona around
2000, at a ripe old age. His family has published a book of tributes to
Mr Waterfield and I think it mentions Mr Dennis Kincaid. (My copy is
not at hand right now, but I can dig it out and look up.) The other reason
is, Mr R K Patil - a Nagpurian like me - joined the ICS in 1929 or 30,
and he knew Mr Kincaid quite well. Mr Patil died only last year at the
age of 100, fully alert to the last, and had an amazing memory recall.

Here is the text of the Obituary in The Times:
Mr. Dennis Kincaid
Our Bombay Correspondent.
Category: Obituaries

Our Bombay Correspondent telegraphs Ihat Mr. Dennis Kincaid
was drowned yesterday at Kanara Beach when bathing in a stormy sea.

The elder son of Mr. Charles Augustus Kincaid, who had a distinguished
career in the Indian Civil Service and is a well-known novelist and historical
writer, he was a grandson of Major-General William Kincaid, Resident of
Bhopal. He was born on October 16, 1905, and was educated al Bradfield.
He followed his father to Balliol College, Oxford, in 1924, having been
appointed to the I.C.S.. arrived in Bombay in 1928, and served on the
judicial side. He inherited his father's literary talent, and was the author of
two novels of Indian life. "Cactus Land," which appeared in 1934, was a
remarkable story, which appealed to many readers weary of the conventional
Indian novel.

And the following is from Ronnie Johnson's page - British Cemetery at Baithkol,
Karwar near Mangalore, India

** Search is on for the grave or location of the same of a Dennis Kincaid,
student of Maratha history and champion of Shivaji, who drowned at Karwar
on 10 June 1937.**

Hope this helps a bit.

----- Harshawardhan_Bosham Nimkhedkar
Nagpur, India

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