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Subject: Re: [KYCLAY-L] John Snethen
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 09:56:51 -0000

Periodical Volume Issue Month/Season Year
Snethen/Abraham Snethen, 1794-1877, KY Ohio Filson
51 4 October 1977
Club History Quarterly

then you might want to check out this family tree, there is a John Snethen
in it
1220. Bert Eugene9 Snethen (Effie May8 Mattox, Roxie Ellen7 Calton,
Richard6, Samuel5, Joel4, Lindsey3, John2 Carlton, Blake1) was born February
27, 1930 (Source: Supplied by Bert E. Snethen). He married (1) Bonnie Edith
Bone July 19, 1950 (Source: Supplied by Bert E. Snethen). He married (2)
Dollie E. Brown September 21, 1955 (Source: Supplied by Bert E. Snethen). He
married (3) Diane Ray Cook September 01, 1984 (Source: Supplied by Bert E.
Snethen). the url is

or this on
1318. Elma Rose9 Snethen (Bert Eugene8, Effie May7 Matttox, Roxie Ellen6
Calton, Talitha Jane5 Hibdon, Henry4, William Peter3, John2, Seth1) was born
December 12, 1952. She married Ray Olaveson March 08, 1975.
located at

Here's a Jonathan
John Rockhouse Sizemore Unknown Unknown Nancy Bowling
Susan Sizemore Unknown Unknown John E. Bowling
Unknown Slaughter Unknown Unknown Edward Bolling
Jacob Smith Unknown Unknown Maria Orndorff
John Smith Unknown Unknown Rebeka Pennington
Mary Smith 11 February 1690 Suffield, Hampshire, MA, USA 23 August 1773
Suffield, Hartford, CT, USA Matthew Tousley
Susannah Smith 29 March 1789 06 April 1828 Hendricks Co, IN James
Johnathan C. Snethen Unknown Unknown Cynthia Ann Waterbury
David Snyder Unknown Unknown Elizabeth Bachman

this one is located at

Then you could try the Principal Surname List which is
We are often asked by family historians if a surname of interest to
them has been identified in one of the books published by TVP. In response,
we have generated an alphabetical list of surnames that appear in one or
more books produced by TVP. The list follows. It is noted that this list
doesn't include all of the names in the books (some of the books have over
9,000 names included), rather it lists only those names that were
prominently or repeatedly mentioned. TVP updates this list quarterly. A
cross-reference to the book containing the surname follows each surname
listed. This cross reference is the book identification number from the
preceding book list.

I don't think this is him, but you never know
DECATUR, IA Enum. Dist. 61 Reel 336 Page 304 Date: 07/05--
SNETHEN, JOHN W M 61 Head M New Jersey
New Jersey New Jersey
New Hampshire Maine
SNETHEN, W.M H W M 18 Child S Illinois
New Jersey New York
SNETHEN, JOSEPH S W M 15 Child S Illinois
New Jersey New York
SNETHEN, DAVID F W M 14 Child S Illinois
New Jersey New York
SNETHEN, MASON W W M 12 Child S Illinois
New Jersey New York
SNETHEN, CHRISTINA C W F 10 Child S Illinois
New Jersey New York
SNETHEN, SARAH P W F 8 Child S Illinois
New Jersey New York
SNETHEN, JAMES D W M 4 Child S Illinois
New Jersey New York
BARTWELL, W.M W M 7 Boarder S Illinois

or this family tree
2 Lorinda Susan Groom 21 Jul 1813 16 Dec 1894
............ +William S. Snethen 24 Apr 1812 - Jun 1890
...................3 David S. Snethen 28 May 1833 - 24 Feb 1899
...................3 Mary J. Snethen Abt 1835
...................3 Elizabeth L. Snethen 6 Jan 1840 -21 Jan 1914
...................3 Prudence Snethen 27 Mar 1842 - 21 Feb 1899
...................3 Emma E. Snethen Abt 1844 -6 Jan 1863
...................3 John Snethen Abt 1847
...................3 Susan G. Snethen Abt 1850 -16 Jun 1871
...................3 William J. Snethen 13 Sep 1852 - 9 Jul 1920
...................3 Francis Snethen 2 Jul 1855 -1 May 1876
...................3 Albert Snethen Abt 1859 -12 Jul 1863

located at

okay, that should get you started, let me know if you need anymore

Shawn Byrd-Johnson
American by birth, Southern by the Grace of Marriage

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Date: Sunday, July 26, 1998 12:42 AM
Subject: [KYCLAY-L] John Snethen

>Is there anyone who might know anything about the SNETHEN family? A
>gentleman named John SNETHEN signed the marriage bond for William BOWLES to
>marry Elizabeth GUM, 1807 Madison County, KY.
>William & Elizabeth are in Clay County 1810-1840, in Owsley County with
>their youngest son Daniel Garrad BOWLES.
>I've not been successful placing William with any parents or with a
>birthplace, but believe him to be from Stokes County, N.C.
>I wondered about John SNETHEN signing his bond, and if he could have been
>related in some way. I did find a mention of a John SNETHEN who served in
>the War of 1812, was born in Estill County, KY., and went to Missouri after
>the war.
>If anyone knows anything about the SNETHEN family, and where they might
>have come from, please let me know.
> Thanks, Bev Boles
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