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Subject: [KYCLAY] Re: We Made it Home
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 15:35:27 -0400
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Ruth, Except for the George Baker in Indiana in 1833, I have no othher information as to any more siblings of Bolin Baker. I acturally have no firm information that Rubin Baker1s father was Bolin. There was a Bolin Baker, a private in a company of soldiers under Captain Robert Baker during the War of 1812.
My father`s first cousin, Gilbert Baker, s/o Andy Baker, s/o Rubin Baker , once told me that a Bolin or Bowling Baker , a widower, from lower Bear Creek of Red Bird river, went over to Beech Creek and courted Martha Dezarns. He had a fight and killed her brother, Morgan Dezarns. To keep the Dezarns from killing him, he got on his horse and went to Missouri where he married again. He also said that he wrote back to his Baker family here.
If this happened it must have been about 1845. He also said that this Bolin Baker drew a military pension. Now whether he was talking about a man that had served in the American Revolution or one who had served in the War of 1812 under Julius Bob Baker. I have no information.
Robert (Julius Bob) Baker was a private in St Clair`s Defeat and a Lieutenant in the War of 1812. David Benge ((Old King David) served in both the Revolution and War of 1812. His son John signed up for service in the
War of 1812, to the displeasure of his father who went in his son`s place.
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Jess, We arrived home this afternoon and I've been thinking about your Bolin Baker line. I have your line in front of me and I see that this is Andrew Baker's line.
This line will be in my Baker book, so I'll put your direct line in down to you. I'll include your girls too, if you send me their names. Sometime when you get a chance, please let me know who you think your Bowlin Baker's brothers were.
I have John Renta Baker as one of them and I also have a little more new information regarding Mary Molly Bowling, that Bud Bowling sent to me. He believes that she is in the Bolling family of Robert Bolling, who married Anne stith. If you want that information, I'll forward you his letter about Mary molly Bolling and how she connects.
Thanks so much.
It was great meeting you. Now it's back to reality and I have to unpack.
Keep in touch. "Hello" to Ruth.
Cousin Ruth

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