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DECEMBER 23, 1923

Harlan County Pioneer meets death at Chad Sunday Afternoon

C. F. C. Nolan, 79 retired business man and one of last of the sturdy
stock that were responsible the founding of Harlan County, was killed by a
switch engine near his home at Chad Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Nolan, 79 was returning from a walk and stepped back on the railroad
track after letting a fast freight train pass him, when he was struck in the
back by a switch train that was closely behind the freight. He was placed in
the caboose
of the train and rushed to the Lynch hospital but died before it was reached.
Mr. Nolan, known all over this section as "Uncle Chad", was loved and
respected by all that accorded the privilege of calling him friend. His home
at Chad was a haven
for rest and entertainment for all who passed that way, rivaling the late
lamented Col.Taylor for the title of a "Prince of Hospitality" .
Uncle Chad was born March 5, 1845, and served during the Civil War on the
Home Guards, being actively engaged on several occasions with maraudding
bands of Confederate soldiers. On one occasion, Mr. Nolan, who was just a
boy, found on the battlefield part of the records of General John H. Morgan.
He was married in 1862, to Louisa Turner who lived on Clover Fork, where
is now located. Mrs. Nolan died January 10, 1918.
In the early years of his life, Mr Nolan was in the employ of a number of
large corporations in obtaining mineral rights in Harlan. He also engaged in
the lumber and
stave business before coal mines were developed or the railroad had entered.
He was elected to the Legislature for two successive terms, serving from
to 1904 as Representative from this district. During his stay there, Mr.
Nolan was
an active adherent of the proposed plans to build a new State Capitol. He
also introduced the bill in the House to change the name of County seat of
County from Mt Pleasant to Harlan.
Mr. Nolan's grandfather, John Nolan was an aide on the staff of General
George Washington during the Revolutionary War and was given a grant of land
for his services that included the present site of Middlesboro much of Bell
County and
a part of Harlan. The family moved to that property from their home in
leesburg, Va.
Chad, Ky and Nolansburg, Ky were both named in honor of Mr. Nolan whose
early efforts and foresight had made possible the development of that section
of the valuable coal fields of Harlan. No other man in Kentucky had the
distinction of having two railroad stations named for him.
"Uncle Chad" was the last of his generation, loveable, kindly always
neighborly and hospitable and people swore his integrity and honesty. Harlan
County and Eastern Kentucky mourn the loss of this steadfast patriot.
Mr. Nolan was the father of 14 children, five are still living. The
survivors are;
Mrs. Betty Marshall, Beggs, Okla. Dr. J. W. Nolan; Harlan. Mrs. lucretia
Davisworth, Creech, Ky. Mrs. Berry Howard, Wallins and Gillis Nolan, Creech.
Elva Nolan Morgan

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